Kickstarter Suspends Autonomous SmartDesk 3 Campaign After Raising $76K

It has only been 72 hours since Autonomous launched their newest Kickstarter campaign, this time for the launch of their SmartDesk 3. Beyond the traditional sit/stand desk concept, the company integrated a touchscreen interface into the top of the SmartDesk 3 which utilizes its artificial intelligence to interact with its user.

With a retail price of $600, this desk all that cheap although it is considered affordable in the smart furniture market. For the first 100 backers, you could score $150 off retail or $100 off retail if you decide to back later on. In the initial 72 hour period, the SmartDesk 3 raised $75,890.

However, at about noon today (November 10th, 2017), Kickstarter pulled the plug and suspended the campaign. This isn't the first time that Autonomous and Kickstarter have clashed over a crowdfunding effort as we saw with their ErgoChair, but I assumed the companies hashed it out before launching the SmartDesk 3 campaign.

As of now, we have no initial reasoning for the suspension although we have reached out to the company for an official statement on the matter and whether they will reinstate the fundraising campaign to their website like they did with the ErgoChair.

Via: Kickstarter