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The ScreenFlow 4 Mac app allows users to record their screen coupled with video & audio commentary.


The ability to record a computer screen is sought after for many users especially those who are interested in creating tutorial or how-to videos for others. Due to this demand there are many different companies that have released software with their own spin on the task. Today, I am taking a look at the ScreenFlow 4 app found within the Mac App Store. The software currently retails for a price tag of $99.99 and is supported for any machines running Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.

The software features the ability to capture your computer screen, webcam video feed, webcam audio feed, and computer's internal audio source all together at once. To initiate your screen recording you must press the mapped key and end the recording using the same mapped key. While you are capturing your screen the software stays out of view and will not cause distractions or  interruptions. Once your recording has finished it will bring up an editing interface allowing you to make changes to the recording you just took.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 5.50.37 PM

During my testing, the software recorded as expected and was able to capture each element (screen, video, audio) smoothly without any stuttering or noticeable issues. I was impressed at how nice the quality of the screen capture was since I am using a retina display that some recording programs cannot handle properly. Testing out the editing mode, it was evident you can perform all the basic editing like including titles, adding transitions, shortening clips, and adding annotations. The interface is not the most appealing or most user friendly, but it gets the job done.

I have extensive experience using an alternative screen recording software called Camtasia 2 which is also offered at a $99 price tag for Mac users. Upon comparing Camtasia 2 with ScreenFlow 4, I've come to the conclusion that ScreenFlow is significantly lacking in several ways to it's similarly priced competitor. The screen recording quality and capabilities are evenly matched, though I like that fact that on Camtasia you have the option to only record a portion of the screen rather than only your whole computer screen like with ScreenFlow 4. I also like how when using multiple monitors Camtasia will show you a little window displaying a preview of what your recording looks like in real time as well as a timer and stop button for easy access when your done recording.

In terms of the editing process, I find the Camtasia interface to be much more appealing and user friendly. While using the ScreenCapture software, I found myself search through various menus and settings in order to make desired changes. In Camtasia, virtually all the necessary editing can be done via the drag and drop interface. Adding call outs and annotations in Screenflow seemed like rocket science when compared to Camtasia. In addition, the assortment of these callouts & annotations were far less appealing than the ones included in Camtasia. With ScreenFlow you are missing out on the ability to take advantage of advanced features like keystroke callouts, extending frames, and device framing that are all included in Camtasia.

Overall, the ScreenFlow 4 software performed as expected, but significantly lacked in the features when compared to its equally priced competitor Camtasia 2. I believe the ScreenFlow 4 software is an effective way to capture your screen, but it would be more reasonable if priced significantly less than Camtasia 2 more towards the $50-60 price range. Due to this, I suggest any prospective spend their money on Camtasia 2 over Screenflow as you are receive more value on the dollar due to the superior interface and additional features gained. I use Camtasia 2 for Mac as my software of choice for all my tutorial videos shown on this site and after testing the ScreenFlow 4 software this will remain the same.

If interested you can download the ScreenFlow 4 software right here.

  • Nice app, but it’s a little bit expensive. I used to record my macbook pro screen with acethinker screen grabber, only $29.95. Share it here as an alternatieve to screenflow.

  • Was searching for a quick and handy screen recorder with some basic utilities to edit. I hope this one will meet my requirement. Thanks for the write up and please do let me know if you have any other screen recorder app with less budget for basic video editing.

    Tried quicktime but missing the editing tools, so any recommendation?


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