Top 7 Sites To Find Royalty Free Music For Podcasts

royalty free music for podcasts

Starting and growing a podcast is hard work. One of the easiest ways to help boost the quality and professional appeal of your episodes is through the use of royalty free music for podcasts as intros, outros, transitions, background tracks and to signify key events. The problem with this type of effort is often the … Read more

How To Know If A Song Is Copyrighted?

how to know if a song is copyrighted

We know you came to help you find out if a particular song you like is under copyright and to get straight to the point we want to tell you that all music is likely under some form of copyright hence you could face legal trouble if you were to use the track in an … Read more

Artlist Review

Artlist review is a provider of royalty free music for filmmakers and multimedia creators. Browse Artlist’s Audio Library Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions and thoughts expressed within this review had no bias or outside influence. We may earn a commission on referred sales, but content integrity is our top priority. Features A … Read more

What Is Royalty Free Music & Why Do I Need It?

what is royalty free music

If you are into filmmaking, podcasting, YouTube, or multimedia marketing, then chances are you’ve heard the term royalty free music before but may not fully understand what it is. In the remainder of this article, we will do our best to tell you what is royalty free music as well as give you some solid … Read more

Comparison: GoPro HERO 7 Black vs HERO 8 Black

GoPro HERO 7 Black vs GoPro HERO 8 Black

There are many uses for action cameras in our social media-fueled world where people like to show off their skills, travels, or experiences with their friends. GoPro has pioneered the action camera industry, and its HERO 7 Black has been their flagship model until the company unveiled the new GoPro HERO 8 Black. In the … Read more

Is Movavi Safe To Use On My Computer?

Is movavi safe to use

If you are searching for entry-level video editing software, then you probably have come across Movavi’s applications. Highly regarded for beginner filmmakers, their software offers an excellent user interface, powerful features, and an easy to learn experience. In the remainder of this article, we will deep dive into their popular editing software and answer the … Read more