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Best Rim Protectors For Tesla Wheels

4 Of The Best Tesla Rim Protectors For Protecting Your Wheels

Our team scoured the market, and we determined the best Tesla rim protectors are the RimSavers by Rimblades. We chose these are our editor's choice as they provide excellent wheel protection, are priced reasonably, look great and come in a variety of colors to match any scheme that you seek to compliment your Tesla's sleek exterior.

As our runner-up choice and a close second are the AlloyGator K4 RDEXC. These are priced slightly higher than the RimBlades but offer similar protection, looks, and color options. Depending on your needs, the AlloyGators or the RimSavers may be the correct choice for you.

Lastly, our budget choice is the All-Fit Rim Trim Wheel Protection Strips which comes in significantly cheaper than the rest of the rim protectors on this list. These strips offer a universal fit with 25 feel of OEM grade wheel rim material that is designed not to rip or tear, and they come in 7 colors.

RimSavers RimBlades
  • Designed to be lightweight and durable
  • Offer maximum wheel rim protection,
  • Easy to Install – kit includes enough material to protect four wheels, up to 24" each.
  • Available in 12 Colors
AlloyGator K4 RDEXC
  • Includes 4 AlloyGator Wheel Protectors with all components and instructions.
  • Protect your wheels from curb and pothole damage.
  • Universal size fits 12" to 24"; Suits 98% of wheel and tire combinations.
All-Fit Rim Trim Wheel Protection Strips
  • Affordable & Available In 7 Standout Colors 
  • 25 Feet of OEM Grade Wheel Rim Material That Won't Rip Or Tear
  • Package Includes Enough Rim Trim Wheel Protection For Four 24-inch Rims
  • 7 Easy Installation Steps

Driving a Tesla can be hard sometimes. Not only do you have to deal with the regular bothers you get when driving any car, but you also have to account for things like recharging stations, intricate electrical designs, and parking.

Okay, maybe parking isn't as big a deal as the other two, but it's still the Kryptonite of many drivers, especially parallel parking in a small spot on a tight road.

The problem with Tesla cars is that they're large, and their wheels stick out. So, even the most minor mishaps can lead to curb rash damage (scratches and cracks on your wheels or rims). And over time, the damage becomes very noticeable.

Fortunately, you can remedy the effects of hitting the curb by using rim protection. But what are the best and most effective Tesla rim protectors? Let's go over the best options in this article.

The Top Rim Protectors for Your Tesla Wheels

Our team has looked for the best rim protectors that match our criteria. Before anything, a protector should be able to withstand damage and not transfer it to your Tesla wheels. It should also easily stay on even if you accidentally hit it several times.

From our experience, cheaper no-name “protectors” can easily fall off even if you're just going over a speed bump, so these are an instant no-no. And while it's not a strict requirement, it's always nice if the rim protector complements the car's look.

Rimblades Rimsavers

1. RimBlades RimSavers – Editor's Choice

RimBlades are one of the most popular players in the Tesla rim protection field. And after years of proven experience in the field, they deserve to carry their brand name. Their flagship product is the RimSavers, which protects the wheels and looks great while accomplishing this.

If you're the type that struggles with parking and avoiding potholes, or you're simply prone to hitting the curb or any other wheel-damaging surface, then you'll enjoy the RimSavers' durable design. It's built to last through impact without falling apart.

RimSavers is designed to protect the rims of wheels up to 24 inches in diameter and with flat edges. These Tesla wheel protectors are also very easy to install. You don't need to do any tire removal or flattening. You only need to stick them to the wheels; the glue will do the job. And once it's on, you don't have to worry about it falling off.

As for the aesthetics, we couldn't imagine a protector matching the Tesla style much better than this! Seeing how RimSavers are designed for sports and muscle cars makes sense, but we really enjoy how they look on the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

They're available in 12 colors, so you won't struggle to find a shade that matches the color of your Tesla. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can use a different color than the car body for a nice and stylish contrast.

Neatly enough, RimBlades has an open inbox of inquiries on whether or not the RimSavers will work on a particular set of wheels. So if you're uncertain, you can always contact them through their website.

AlloyGator Wheel Protectors K4 RDEXC

2. AlloyGator Wheel Protectors K4 – Runner-Up

If RimBlades are on top of the wheel protection game, AlloyGator is a close second that missed out on the first spot because of additional criteria.

Their K4 product is a reliable set of protective wheel bands made to last with your Tesla. For starters, you might notice that the AlloyGator K4 is a bit pricey compared to our highly-cherished RimSavers. We won't sugarcoat it, as it's a noticeable price difference.

But you should also know that the K4 is as strong as a wheel band can get. In fact, we'd imagine they're even more durable than the RimSavers. And after all, products like wheel protectors can be a solid long-term investment.

Another reason why the AlloyGator K4 protectors are so sturdy is because of how they fit on your wheels. They don't just glue on as the RimSavers do. Instead, you'll need to install each band by trapping it into the gap between your wheel and tire.

This process offers more protection from road damage. But it comes at the cost of a more complicated installation process that will likely have you taking out your toolbox and getting handy on your wheels. You'll need to know your way around wheel-related handiwork for this. But if you don't, you can always get a mechanic.

The AlloyGator K4 is also a highly-compatible set of wheel bands, fitting wheel sizes from 12 to 24 inches. This range covers almost all Tesla model cars, so you shouldn't worry about how it fits unless you've drastically changed your rims or tires. We've seen it on several Tesla Model 3 cars, and they fit perfectly.

As for the looks, the K4 protectors are available in 14 colors. One of our favorite combinations is red, white, or silver wheel bands on a black Tesla.

All Fit Rim Trim Wheel Protection Strips

3. All-Fit Rim Trim Wheel Protection Strips – Budget Choice

Usually, being on a budget means that you have to make considerable concessions to get what you want. But when you have the All-Fit Rim Trim rim protectors, you won't find much better value for the money.

The Rim Trim is a bit cheaper than the other products, yet it also makes a set of four protectors. But here's the catch: you get 25 feet of the protective strip, then you have to trim them to your wheel size and install them accordingly. Once you've cut it up into four bands of the right sizes, the installation process is easy and seamless.

What's more, All-Fit provides everything you need for installation in the kit when you buy this protector, so you won't have to fumble around for your tools, save for a pair of scissors. For instance, before you install the bands, you should clean the edges of your rims with rubbing alcohol. Next, you need to put on special gloves to apply the adhesive to your wheels. And both of these are right in the kit.

Speaking of installation, the All-Fit protectors can be installed with the packaged superglue. Again, no taking off the wheels or deflating them.

Lastly, the Rim Trim comes in 12 different colors, catering to most primary body colors. There's even a carbon fiber tone that blends in with the wheels if that's what you're looking for!

RimPro-Tec Rim Protector For Car Wheels

4. RimPro-Tec Rim Protector

Lastly, we have the RimPro-Tec Rim Protectors, a set of premium guards designed to offer maximum protection to your wheels through multilayered protectors.

The first layer is a “sacrificial” base on the outside of your wheels, which protects them from impact. Meanwhile, the internal layer provides extra support. And thanks to the multilayered setup, your protectors are sure to stick on your wheels through much more than little bumps here and there.

RimPro-Tec made the Rim Protector to cater to everybody. That's why it's available for 13-inch to 22-inch tires.Not only that, but you can also choose from a whopping 30 color options. And since there are two layers, you can mix and match the colors for a dashing look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rim damage isn't a problem most people think about until they face it. And once they do, they often have plenty of questions about how to deal with it and prevent it in the future.

So, we've compiled this list of the most frequently asked questions:

Are Tesla Rim Protectors Worth It?

Financially, rim protectors are a sound choice if you care about maintaining the look and structure of your rims on your Tesla Model S, X, Y, or 3.

After all, a set of four rim protectors costs about as much as repairs for one damaged wheel rim, so you'll save more money for long-term protection.

What Else Can I Do to Protect My Tesla Rims?

Before adding rim guards, clean your rims with a clay bar until they look shiny and smooth.

You can also apply a coat or two of touch-up paint or metal sealant to mitigate curb damage or other cracks and scratches. Once everything is dry, it's time to install rim protection.

Do the Rim Protectors Stay on the Wheel Surface?

Tesla rim protectors are designed to stay on the wheels even if you hit them against the curb when parking or just driving around. However, make sure you've installed the rim savers correctly as per the manufacturer's instructions.

While protectors can sustain light damage, they'll likely fall off upon more serious impact. So don't over-rely on them to protect your Tesla wheels.

Why Are Tesla Rims So Susceptible to Rash?

It may feel like your Tesla is much more prone to curb rash than other cars, partially because the rim sticks out slightly on the tire. Even the tire sticks out from the car's body on cars like the Tesla Model 3.

However, if the problem persists, you should try and be more careful with your driving and parking in particular since that's when your wheel is most likely to hit the curb.

Also, be careful around potholes, as those can destroy the wheel, rim, bumper, or other parts of the car.

Can Tesla Service Fix Curb Rash?

No, Tesla Service won't fix curb rash, but they'll likely offer to sell you a new wheel rim and install it at a hefty price.

In our opinion, it's not worth it unless the damage is too severe to fix on your own. But even in that case, you should consider buying the new wheel or rim and installing them yourself or at a mechanic's shop.

Final Verdict

From what we've seen, the RimBlades RimSavers is the best product for most Tesla car owners. The 4-wheel set is an excellent balance between price, quality, and looks. Just make sure they fit your wheels, pick your color, and you're all set.

An honorable mention goes to our runner-up pick, the AlloyGator Wheel Protectors K4. While those wheel bands are a bit pricier than the Tesla rim savers, they offer protection that's just as good, if not better.

Ultimately, all the products we've shortlisted are candidates for the best rim protectors for Tesla wheels. Your top pick might differ from ours, depending on your situation.