ZAGGkeys Profolio+ iPad 2/3/4 Keyboard Case Review

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  • ZAGGkeys Profolio+ iPad 2/3/4 Keyboard Case
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The ZAGGkeys Profolio+ case provides a backlit keyboard and an increase in protection to your Apple iPad.

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The Apple iPad has become an incredibly popular device used by millions of people all over the world. Since it is often bought for business or educational use, one of the largest complaints is the lack of a physical keyboard. The reason for this is that typing out large amounts of text or inputing data using the iPad's touchscreen keyboard can be a very frustrating and time consuming process. Many companies have come forward with their own products to help make a solution to this problem, today we will be taking a look at the ZAGGkeys Profolio+ keyboard case cover for the iPad 2/3/4.

Cosmetic Appeal

With the Profolio+ keyboard case attached to your iPad it provides increased protection, but also adds a professional appeal to it. The exterior leather texture is stylish and an attractive addition to the case. It's less than 1 inch thick design keeps it slim without looking too bulky and stays true to the sleek design of the iPad itself. Once the case is deployed and the keyboard is in full view, the look is even more appealing as the backlit keys make it some serious eye candy.

Design & Build Quality

The design and build quality of this case passed my original expectations. The slim design keeps the iPad compact and mobile, but gives it effective protection. The material seems to be capable of absorbing impact from the average accidental drop and will surely protect your iPad from any dings or scratches it may receive while on the go. The corners of the case are magnetic to help keep the case from opening unintentionally and added protection to your device.

Something to keep in mind is that the case is the same dimensions as an iPad. This means that fitting a full QWERTY keyboard into such a small area is difficult and will result in smaller keys and often a “cramped” feeling in comparison to a normal keyboard. The keyboard design of the Profolio+ was well executed and they use the space efficiently with a very minimal feeling of being uncomfortably cramped. Additionally they added shortcut keys for features like accessing the home screen, search, slideshow, cut, copy, paste, volume & playback options, and locking the device.

Something I noticed that made me feel a bit uneasy is the fact that the iPad itself does not have any real way to lock itself into the case. Instead, it is designed to just slide under a few tabs on one side of the case to help secure its position. This means if the case were to fall when deployed, there is a pretty significant chance your iPad could slip out of the tabs and be vulnerable to receiving some serious damage. This would only be the case if it were to get knocked or pushed off the table or lap in the deployed position. When the case is in the closed position your iPad should be secure and fully protected.

Another gripe I have with the design is the fact that that the case is said to be designed with a “built-in stand that holds the iPad at an ideal viewing angle”. Realistically, this angle only works some of the time (such as when seated at a desk) so I'd love to have the functionality to adjust the viewing angle like you can with the competitor the Clamcase Pro.


The case functions well and does what it is designed to do. It synced quickly and easily via Bluetooth and the connection stayed steady throughout my testing. My typing speeds and comfort levels when using the case noticeably improved. The keyboard does feel different than typing on a traditional laptop or desktop keyboard, but has a much more natural feel to it than typing on the iPad's native touchscreen keyboard. I found the function keys really helpful and convenient. I tested the case in conjunction with the Notability app to take notes during a lecture. I can't emphasize enough how handy the copy and paste keys were as they allowed me to keep up with the presentation while still keeping my notes organized and neat.

Transporting the iPad while in the case is simple and gives me piece of mind that the device is protected. I usually slip my iPad in the laptop sleeve of my backpack and though secure it is susceptible to getting scratched and dinged while on the go. With this product I am worry-free and my iPad stays in mint condition.

The backlit keyboard is great for typing in low-light situations and the adjustable light intensity allows you to access this feature without draining your battery too quickly. The battery is charged via the included USB cable that can be plugged into any USB outlet or into the USB adapter that comes with your iPad charger.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the ZAGGkeys Profolio+ is one of the top cases money can buy. The keyboard is comfortable and designed extremely well. Additionally, the case is appealing and does an appropriate job protecting your iPad from potential harm. If you can get over the few minor flaws such as the limited viewing angle and the expensive purchase price then I think this product is a decent buy. Otherwise for $40 more you can get the Clamcase Pro with 360 hinge and polycarbonate shell.

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