Velocity Clip Review – Universal Smartphone Mounting Solution

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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Velocity Clip is a smartphone video mount suitable for consumers on a budget.

Smartphones have been a growing necessity for consumers as of the past 5 years and since their technology is becoming more advanced, we can use them to replace traditional portable devices such as digital cameras & camcorders. Since traditional GoPro-style cameras cost hundreds of dollars, a company called Velocity clip designed a universal smartphone mounting solution suitable for virtually any consumer's budget and provide the ability to achieve those first-person style views.

The base Velocity Clip unit is priced at $34.99 which includes a built-in tripod mount as well as both a flat and curved 3M adhesive mount. Additionally, the company offers a compatible chest harness, head strap, and an 6-pack of 3M adhesive mounts (3 flat and 3 curved).

The design of the Velocity clip is interesting with one end of the mount having the proprietary mounting solution and the other containing a standard 1/4″ tripod mount. I found built-in tripod mount as an added plus since you'll never lose the tripod adapter (which is easily possible with the HitCase). Another advantage of this is added stability when on the tripod as there is no middle component that could come lose or break during use.IMG_8390

The actual mounting mechanism itself is not the most efficient design as it requires you to put pressure on the top of the mount while simultaneously screwing in the back knob to initiate the set screw in order to hold the mount in the “closed” position. While it works, it isn't the type of design that is very user friendly or able to be initiated quickly. I'd prefer it to have some kind of cranking system or a spring loaded design like on the iOttie Car Mount.

On the bottom of the mount, there is an adjustable hinge that allows you to choose the angle at which the Velocity Clip points while in use with mounting accessories. This hinge is controlled via a twistable knob that is easy to use and holds the angle securely without much effort.

For the price, the Velocity Clip features high-quality build materials and seems durable to last long enough to get some solid use with it. However, the chest mount accessory ($29.95) and head mount ($24.95) units are made with cheap materials and frankly aren't worth their retail price. However, the Velocity clip utilizes a proprietary mounting solution (not compatible with GoPro mounts) so you won't find any other accessories that will support the product thus forcing you to pay the premium price for these mediocre accessories if you ever want to use it with a chest or head mount. If both of these mounting accessories drop $10 in price then I think they would adequately match their quality

IMG_8392In terms of performance, the Velocity Clip does a fairly good job although I'm not so sure I'd trust it in some circumstances. First off, the mount doesn't really work with a bare iPhone since it allows it to slide back and forth quite easily. I think the main reason for this is the rubber material used to help stability and provide shock absorption allows a naked iPhone the ability to slide out of position due to its slick, non-textured material. I'm unsure if this would be the same with a naked Samsung Galaxy S4 or other competing smartphone so be cautious or invest in a solid case prior to purchasing.

When I added in the new OtterBox Preserver series case (shown in the photo above), there was a drastic change in the security of the mount. Having said this, I still wouldn't risk mounting to my car or a motorcycle while at high speeds (for the sake of potentially losing or damaging my device), but for everyday circumstances such as riding a bike or participating in recreational hobbies/sports the mount is like sufficient.

The 3M mounting attachments work well, but I was disappointed with the chest and head mounts. First off, the chest mount was uncomfortable and is difficult to adjust especially in comparison to the HitCase Chest mount. The head mount was awkward to wear and felt very wobbly mainly due to the size and weight of the iPhone/Velocity Clip combo that is held above it. I couldn't imagine wearing it while participating in any serious activities although I do think it may work well in terms of a headlight if you are working in a dark area (see sample video embedded at top of this review).


In the end, the Velocity Clip itself is a decent product due to its affordable price tag and it particularly shines if you're looking for a solid tripod mounting solution for your smartphone. However, its overpriced mounting accessories and mediocre clamp design make it a tough sell for most consumers. If you're on a budget and looking for a smartphone mounting solution for your iPhone (given you have a case on it) or other smartphone then the Velocity Clip might be just what you need. However, I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking to use it while participating in high-energy activities as its limited mounting solutions, physical size, and lack of security in some circumstances cause it to fall short of its competitors such as the GoPro or HitCase Pro.

Special thanks to Velocity Clip for providing a sample to make this review possible!