Trident Aegis Case for iPhone 6 Plus Review

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  • Trident Aegis Case for iPhone 6 Plus
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Trident's Aegis Case for iPhone 6 Plus adds ample protection without losing much appeal.

We recently reviewed Trident's newly redesigned Kraken AMS line of protective cases and were highly impressed by the overall value when compared to its OtterBox competitor. Trident also supplied us with a review sample of their Aegis Case, a more affordable option that loses some of its rugged durability in exchange for a simpler, more appealing design.


The Aegis consists of a two piece design and includes a clear adhesive screen protector for 360-degree protection of the device. Its base layer is made of a soft silicone to absorb shock then couples with an exterior polycarbonate hard-shell for added durability. Our provided sample was in the sleek blue finish of which I'm a big fan as the color is very rich and pleasing to the eye.

Both the inner and outer layers have a relatively cheap feel to them although I can't complain at the $35 MSRP. Unlike the Kraken AMS line, the installation of the Aegis case is quite a nuisance. The reason for this is that the silicone material is hard to “seat” correctly within the plastic hard-shell if you put it around your iPhone first.

Due to this, I keep the two pieces together and slip my device into both of them simultaneously. This can still be tricky process though it makes for an easier effort overall.


Equipping the Aegis to the notably slim iPhone 6 Plus doesn't add too much of a bulk factor, comparable to the Kraken AMS. I am still able to hold the iPhone 6 Plus with one hand, and the silicone edges help to offer increased grip-ability. All of the iPhone 6 Plus features remain accessible with the case equipped except for the SIM-card tray that remains permanently covered.

OtterBox Defender Series vs. Trident Kraken AMS vs. Trident Aegis


On the back of the case, you'll find a circular cutout that showcases the iconic Apple branding. I can appreciate this element although it acts as entry-point for potential dirt or dust as it does not offer a clear plastic element like the Defender Series's cutout. If you weren't aware already, the Aegis does not provide any waterproof capabilities and doesn't include a belt holster.


According to Trident's website, the Aegis meets or exceeds Mil-STD-810F rugged standards.  Throughout my testing, I have dropped my phone a few times including a three foot fall (face down) off of my nightstand and a five foot drop off an elevated standing desk. Thankfully, I have yet to incur any damage to my 6 Plus, and there is no visible wear on the case.

While the silicone material helps absorb the impact from falls or drops, it has a tendency to catch on my pockets' fabrics and attracts a significant amount of dust.

A small concern is that top silicone portion of the case can easily slip up allowing various dirt and debris to get between the slipcover and my iPhone 6 Plus. Over time, this could potentially lead to small scratches to the device.


Trident's Aegis case is a solid contender in the sub-$35 iPhone case market, and I have enjoyed using it on my 6 Plus throughout the evaluation period. While the build quality is far from impressive, the appeal factor and overall protective benefits make it a worthwhile purchase. If you don't need an ultra-rugged option like Trident's Kraken AMS Series then the Aegis is a suitable alternative that will save you a few bucks.