iOttie Easy Smart Tap iPad Mount (HLCRIO107) Review

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  • iOttie Easy Smart Tap iPad Mount (HLCRIO107)
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The iOttie Easy Smart Tap iPad Mount is a solid mounting solution for your desk or car's dashboard.


The iPad is one of the most innovative devices introduced within the past 5 years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to use in some situations such as sitting at a desk or in the car mainly due to its flat design. You can combat this in a few ways such as buying a protective case with a built-in ‘kickstand' or you can invest in a more stable mounting solution like the iOttie Easy Smart Tap iPad Mount (HLCRIO107). Priced just under $35, the iOttie Smart Tap iPad Mount is available from Amazon and several other retailers listed below.


51L03HZbWHLThe mount ships in a neatly packaged box, but does need a small amount of assembly. The product is well designed with the same innovative locking mechanism that is incorporated into their smartphone mount. Another similarity to the smartphone mount is their patented “sticky suction pad” design. This allows you to secure the mount firmly on almost any surface especially a flat smooth surface like a desk or car dashboard.

I was surprised at how strong of a grip this suction pad is capable of and at times it requires a lot of force to remove it. While this is naturally a good thing as your iPad won't budge and become damaged accidentally, I did notice that the sticky suction pad tends to leave a faint residue mark wherever it is placed that is somewhat of a downfall.

The iOttie Easy Smart Tap iPad Mount also harnesses the ability to adjust the height, orientation, tilt, and telescoping neck. I love how adjustable it is as it allows both landscape view as well as portrait viewing of your iPad, something most competing mounts or kickstand cases won't support.

The build materials are reasonable, but truthfully I did expect them to be a bit higher quality for the $35 price tag. They are a fairly dense plastic that I would expect in a mount priced around $20, but for $35 I would have liked to have seen a stronger material used especially in the actual mounting portion that secures the iPad in place (see reasoning below).


When it comes to placing your iPad in the mount, it is a simple and easy process. Thanks to the innovative locking mechanism, all it requires is for you to secure the iPad into the bottom of the mount and press down the top of the iPad. This will push the two buttons found within the middle of the mount and will automatically secure the top mechanism firmly onto the other end of your iPad. This design adds serious convenience and still allows you to use the mount with a thin iPad case present.

IMG_8254As for the mount's functionality, I was fairly happy with its performance, but there were some trouble spots. First off, I think the mount works better in a stationary place such as a desk or table rather than in the car. The main reason for this is that despite the solid design, it still suffers from a large amount of shakiness if mounted in a moving car (which gave me a serious headache) and even shakes noticeably enough just when you utilize the touchscreen. They do include a “vibrating damping block”, but frankly this does not help dampen the shakiness enough as it should and the issue is still present.

I think the weaker build materials in the mount are to blame for this dilemma, but it isn't a major deal-breaker in most cases. For example, I have been using the mount on my desk to stream TV (via the Time Warner Cable App) and since I'm in a stationary position and not continually utilizing the touch-screen, it has been a pleasant experience. However, if I were to try to watch TV in the car or use this mount to play a game like Angry Birds (or some action that requires constant use of the touchscreen) I would likely get frustrated dealing with the amount of shakiness.

In the end, I think the iOttie Easy Smart Tap iPad Mount is decent mounting solution for the Apple iPad although it does suffer from some small hiccups. It has a solid design and utilizes the same quality locking mechanism and sticky suction mount as their cheaper smartphone mount, but is slightly overpriced and the mediocre build quality causes the mount to shake in some situations. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to use this mount for stationary use (desk or table) for a “hands off” activity such as watching streaming video or browsing the web. However, I wouldn't recommend it for someone looking to mount their iPad in the car or to utilize the mount for avid touchscreen use as the shakiness will get too distracting (in this case I recommend the RAM iPad Mounting System).

Special thanks to iOttie for providing a sample to make this review possible!