9 Best Elgato Stream Deck Alternatives For 2022

Best Elgato Stream Deck Alternative

Our team has scoured the market and ultimately determined that the best Elgato Stream Deck alternative is the Elgato Stream Deck Mini. The reason for this decision is that it offers the same great design, 6 LCD customizable keys, and an affordable price point under $100. The runner-up choice is the Loupedeck Live which is … Read more

8 Best GoXLR Alternative Mixers For All Budgets

Best GoXLR Alternative

Our team has done the research and testing among dozens of audio mixers, and we have ultimately determined that the best GoXLR alternative is TC-Helicon’s own GoXLR Mini. We chose this model due to its compact design, competitive set of features (just missing some extra bells and whistles of the flagship GoXLR), and stellar performance … Read more

5 of the Best 24 Inch Smart TV Models for 2022

best 24 inch smart tv

Our team did the proper research and testing, and we ultimately determined that the best 24-inch Smart TV is currently the Insignia 24F202NA22. We chose this model because of its full 1080P HD display, DTS TruSurround support and an integrated Fire TV & Alexa voice remote at a reasonable price-point. The runner-up choice is VIZIO’s … Read more

Jasper Art Review – A DALL-E 2 AI Image Generator

Jasper Art review

Jasper Art is an innovative AI image generator tool that utilizes DALL-E 2 technology. Jasper Art is a new image generation tool that has been making waves in the online community. Some people are calling it the future of image generation, and with good reason. Jasper Art is incredibly powerful and versatile, allowing you to … Read more

The Best AI Novel Writing Software For 2022

Best AI Novel Writing Software

Our team did the research and testing to determine the best AI novel writing software is Jasper AI. We chose this particular writing tool due to its simplicity, competitive feature set and stellar performance as an AI content generator. The runner-up option we have determined is ShortlyAI which is a more toned-down tool that focuses … Read more

ClosersCopy Review

ClosersCopy Review

ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting software that isn’t based on GPT-3 technology. Introduction AI copywriting software uses artificial intelligence to produce compelling sales copies within a short time. This Closerscopy review will touch on this software that uses AI technology to help write effective sales copy, blog posts, and more. Having good copy is crucial … Read more