How To Legally Watch Rick And Morty Online (TV Show)

Our staff have spent hours researching for the best legal and safe ways to watch Rick and Morty online (the television show) and ultimately decided Hulu is the best solution to start the series from the beginning (season 1 episode 1) or to catch up where ever you may have left off during the first two seasons.

For anyone that is outside of the United States, Hulu will not work in your country and you have two options. Depending on your region, Netflix may offer Rick and Morty within their streaming library (not in the US), so we recommend checking if it is available there first.

If it isn't available in your Netflix region, you can stream Hulu internationally through a service like NordVPN to spoof your location to the US (a legal loophole). Keep in mind, this method still required an active Hulu subscription along with a valid NordVPN account. Additionally, those located in the United States can utilize NordVPN to spoof their location to the U.K. or France to access Rick and Morty on Netflix.

If you are looking to catch up on some of the recent episodes from Rick and Morty season 3, then you can watch them for free through the Adult Swim website (a cable or satellite subscription may be required for validation). If you are a cord-cutter and don't have any cable service then you can purchase individual episodes or entire seasons of Rick & Morty through Amazon Instant Video (no Prime required). 

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have made quite an impression with the release of their adult animated science fiction comedy series, Rick and Morty. The initial premiere episode took place back in December 2013 on Adult Swim (which operates on the same channel as Cartoon Network and also airs Family Guy), and the show quickly gained a massive following especially among the millennial crowd. 

Fast forward to 2018, and the duo has just finished airing the third season of Rick and Morty. There have been a total of 31 episodes up until this point, and the TV show is expected to be renewed for season 4 although there is no confirmation from the network yet. 

rick and mordy

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the co-creators of Rick and Morty.

If you stumbled across this article, then you probably missed out on watching Ricky and Morty live or you missed a few episodes and are looking to catch up. Fortunately, we scoured the web for legal and safe methods for watching the animated comedy show without breaking the law or putting your computer/information at risk through some shady website. 

In the rest of this article, we will introduce you to several different methods for watching Rick and Morty online. Some of these ways will even allow you to stream Rick and Morty online free although there is usually a catch like you need to have an existing cable or Hulu subscription.

Which Streaming Services Offer Rick And Morty? (US)

Adult Swim





Hulu TV

Sling TV

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Monthly Cost

Cable Required







Episode Price


Free (HD)

$2.99 (HD)

$2.99 (HD)

$2.99 (HD)



Season Price


Free (HD)

$19.99 (HD)

$19.99 (HD)

$19.99 (HD)



iOS App

Android App

How To Watch Rick & Morty Online (Seasons 1-3)


You can watch Rick and Morty free by streaming the episodes through the Adult Swim website or through their mobile app. As of right now, the Adult Swim website only offers access to episode 2 from season 2 and the first eight episodes from season 3. While this is a pretty limited selection, you really can't complain about free streaming access.

Out of the nine episodes, four of them require you to log into an active cable or satellite subscription in order to access them. However, episodes 4-8 from season 3 allow you to stream Rick and Morty free without any cable verification necessary.

If you are a cord-cutter and don't need to start from the season 1, episode 1 then you might be able to borrow a friend, family member or roommates cable login to access the cable-restricted content. Otherwise, continue onto the next method(s) which might fit your needs better.

rick and mory

In the United States, Hulu's on-demand subscription service holds the sole streaming rights for previous episodes of Rick and Morty (some international regions do offer the show through Netflix). Those who have an active Hulu subscription can access the entire first two seasons of the show for immediate and unlimited streaming at no extra cost beyond the $7.99 subscription fee (a free 30-day trial is available) with limited commercials. 

As of right now, Hulu's on-demand service does NOT offer season 3 of this hilarious show although we expect this to be added at some point in the future as this newest season just ended in October. Hulu's on-demand library now offers the up to the third seasons of the series as of June 23rd, 2018. 

Hulu is only available to stream the United States although a service like NordVPN will allow you to use it internationally. If you are overseas, we recommend checking out Netflix before going the NordVPN route as they may already offer Rick and Morty streaming in your region.

If you want to access all three seasons of Rick and Morty, but don't mind dishing out some cash for the convenience then Amazon's Instant Video service has you covered. The e-commerce giant's digital video platform offers the ability to purchase all 31 episodes (no Prime required) for $2.99 per episode in high definition (HD) or an entire season in HD for $19.99. 

For those of you that want to save a couple of bucks while still getting access, Amazon also sells the standard definition (SD) quality for $1.99 per episode or $14.99 per season. Keep in mind, this is Amazon Instant Video which differs from Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, Rick and Morty isn't available for free streaming (such as Suits) and having an active Prime subscription provides no benefit in this case. 

We love Amazon Instant Video due to its affordable pricing and high compatibility with smartphones, computers, Smart TVs and third-party streaming devices. While there are two more digital video distribution networks listed below this, we think Amazon is the best overall option if you plan to purchase episodes or seasons.

iTunes is one of the most common media distribution channels for Apple customers, and they allow you to purchase both individual episodes and full seasons of Rick and Morty through this online store. 

Pricing matches Amazon's with HD content starting at $2.99 an episode and $19.99 per season while SD quality discounts the pricing by $1 per episode and $5 per season. Unlike Amazon, iTunes does offer bundle containing seasons 1-3 which costs $54.99 for HD thus saving you $5 off the purchase price of all three seasons individually. 

Keep in mind, iTunes is designed ideally for use by consumers who plan to stream the digital content through Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac computer. If you are looking to watch Rick and Morty on a third-party streaming device outside of the Apple ecosystem then buying through iTunes isn't the ideal choice.

Some of you may have never heard of Vudu, but they are an online video distribution platform that operates much like Amazon Instant Video and is more openly supported than iTunes on non-Apple devices. 

Pricing for Vudu matches Amazon and iTunes for Rick and Morty episodes in both HD and SD. We aren't quite sure of the reasoning for this, but it is worth noting that they charge an extra $1.99 for both their HD and SD versions of the full seasons.

By default, the listing page for Rick and Morty displays the cheaper standard definition pricing, but their HDX (a fancy term for HD) pricing is hidden in a drop-down option so don't be mislead by the displayed pricing.

How To Stream Rick & Morty Live (Season 3 & Reruns)

If you want to stream any premiere episodes of the newest season or catch reruns of Rick and Morty, then you can subscribe to a live TV streaming service. Hulu's Live TV service offers access to Cartoon Network where Adult Swim plays at night. 

The Live TV subscription costs $39.99 per month although it offers a free 7-day trial. The huge benefit is that Hulu includes full access to their video-on-demand library with the purchase of their Live TV service. 

What this means is that you'll be able to stream the five two seasons of Rick and Morty included with live TV streaming of any rerun episodes from season 3 as well as access to 40+ other channels. Every subscription also comes with 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage that allow you to automatically record episodes of Rick and Morty season 3 for later viewing.

With a lower price-point of just $20 a month, Sling TV is another live TV streaming service to consider that is also owned by DISH. At the base plan, you only get access to around 25 channels, but that includes Cartoon Network so Adult Swim is able to be streamed live. 

However, unlike Hulu's Live TV subscription, you do not get on-demand playback of Rick and Morty so you'll need to catch episodes live. You can also utilize their Cloud DVR feature that can automatically store reruns of Rick and Morty after they air although this costs an extra $5 bringing the total cost up to $25 per month. 

Is Rick and Morty On Netflix?

For anyone located in the US, you probably already know that Rick and Morty is unavailable for streaming through Netflix's subscription service. If you are located outside of the United States then there is a chance that the show will be available for free streaming.  

What you'll see when you search 'Rick and Morty' within Netflix while located in the United States.

The terms and negotiations of licensing deals for subscription-based video streaming services are highly sophisticated and can often start or end abruptly. Since Hulu has the exclusive rights in the US for subscriptions, Netflix US will not be getting it into their on-demand streaming library anytime soon.

However, Hulu is a service that is only available in the United States thus the licensing agreements for streaming Rick and Morty internationally differ. If you are looking to stream Rick and Morty through Netflix and are fortunate to live in one of the supported regions, this could be possible:

We were able to successfully stream Rick and Morty through Netflix UK through NordVPN.

Fortunately, those in the United States with Netflix accounts can use a virtual private network (we recommend NordVPN) which allows for a legal loophole that falls into a grey area. Using NordVPN, you can spoof your location to a region where Rick and Morty is allowed to be streamed through the most popular video streaming service which in our tests worked best for this series when connected to France or the Netflix UK.

There are other VPN services out there, but we prefer NordVPN do to its slew of competitive features, affordable pricing, double encryption and reliable compatibility with video streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. 

We do want to mention that while we can confirm this approach is currently working, there are some downsides to using a VPN for accessing region-blocked Netflix content:

  1. Speed/Resolution - streaming through a VPN means that you'll be going through another remote network before reaching your own so this means the speed of the connection will be often lower than your native connection which means it may include longer buffering times or lower-resolution viewing. Much of this will depend on the VPN provider you choose and how close you are to the servers from the VPN location you connect to.
  2. Availability may change overnight - Netflix knows about VPN use and doesn't want to violate their licensing agreements so they try to stop it. However, a robust service like NordVPN works hard to keep this from happening and while you may get the occasional blocked message, a quick clearing of your browser cache, changing VPN servers or restarting your computer will often help bypass this limitation. However, we can't guarantee this method will work forever nor do we know how long Rick and Morty will be available on Netflix in these other regions. It probably will work for the extended future, but you do take the risk that it could stop working half-way through the series.

Why You Shouldn't Pirate Rick & Morty Episodes

Our lives are interconnected more than ever and we know there are a lot of ways one can utilize the Internet to gain free access to videos or music under copyright. Piracy and illegal consumption may save you some money in the short term, but there are good reasons why you shouldn't get involved with this type of activity: 

Reason 1: You Could Face Legal Action For Breaking The Law

Online piracy and free viewing of licensed content is illegal. While there is a ton of people across the globe partaking in illicit consumption or distribution of unlicensed media content, that doesn't make it morally okay to do it too. 

Yes, we know the chances of actually getting caught for watching a pirated TV show is slim, that doesn't mean that you could fall under the small percentage that does. In the past 10 years there have been less than 10,000 people prosecuted for online piracy although the punishments can be steep:

  • Sentenced up to 5 years in jail
  • Fined up to $150,000 per file (in this case per episode)
  • Additional lawsuits to cover copyright holder's legal fees and damages

To get some more clarification on the legal risks of online piracy, check out these links:

Reason 2: Shady Websites Offering Free Viewing Aren't Safe To Use

There are a ton of random websites out there who will tell you that you can watch or stream Rick and Morty for free without any strings attached. However, this is almost always not the case and there is a danger to your personal information or device should you try to use these websites.

The Telegraph recently came across a study that found 90% of all illegal TV and film websites in the United Kingdom encompassed malware or other programs that were created to defraud users. These types of schemes including phishing scams, malware, spyware, viruses, identity theft and financial hacking. 

If you decide to not listen to our warning and go through with the illegal methods of watching Rick and Morty, be sure to do one thing. Do not provide these websites with your personal information (name, email, address, credit card numbers, etc.) and definitely do not download any software that these services tell you is required to watch the TV series for free. These are almost always going to be attempts to take advantage of your device or your personal information. 

Reason 3: Loss Of Revenue & Ratings Hurts The Show (Risk Of Cancellation)

It is true that piracy saves you money as you don't have to pay for the licensed content. However, there are two ways that illegal consumption of a TV show like Rick and Morty hurts the network and the show itself which are a loss of revenue and ratings.

Every time you sign-up for Hulu and stream Rick and Morty or purchase an episode/season through Amazon Instant Video, Adult Swim makes money. This money is used to pay the creators, voice actors, writers and production staff who all worked hard to create such a hilarious show. 

Without this revenue, we won't be seeing future seasons of the show. For all we know, the overall revenue of the show up until this point might already be too low for the network to renew it to season 4.

Additionally, the ratings go hand-in-hand with revenue so the number of streams on a service like Hulu or Netflix or the number of sales through Amazon Instant Video, iTunes or Vudu are all figures that Adult Swim will use to gauge the success of Rick and Morty up until now.

rick and morty season 1 episode 1

Rick Sanchez the mad scientist who drags along his grandson Morty on his wild adventures. 

By choosing to watch illegally, you aren't just robbing the show out of money, you are also hindering the ratings. This results in the network not having a reliable way to determine how successful the TV series really is.

Without a sufficient amount of revenue generated or measurable audience size that is large enough to warrant future seasons of Rick and Morty, the show could be canceled at any time.

If you enjoy this stellar series as much as us, then we ask you put your money where your mouth is and support the entertainment industry for what it is. You support will allow these content creators the ability to make a living producing excellent content that we get to laugh at and enjoy during our time of leisure.

Did Adult Swim Renew Rick and Morty For Season 4?

As of right now, Rick and Morty has NOT yet been renewed by Adult Swim as shown by this tweet by one of the co-creators:

rick and morty season 4

This left many diehard fans in complete turmoil as they took it as the show wouldn't ever be renewed and would end with season 3. However, this is highly unlikely as the success of this show has too large of a following for the network to cancel it. 

So while we do not know when season 4 will begin production nor do we 100% know that season 4 will happen, it is more than likely that Adult Swim will order another round of episodes from Dan and Justin whenever they decide it is the right time. 

Rick and Morty has been renewed for a whopping 70 episode order. This news has come after the Season 3 finale delivered the highest ratings in Adult Swim history (not to mention this past season offered some of our favorite episodes including 'Pickle Rick' and 'Return of Worldender') and claimed the title of the number one comedy TV series for millennials in 2017. 

This concludes our recommended methods to legally and safely watch all the funny episodes which follow along with the various escapades the crazy mad scientist Rick Sanchez (who is sometimes known as Pickle Rick) and his grandson Morty Smith. As of now, these are the best ways to stream Rick and Morty online.