After taking several hours to research the best safe and legal methods to watch Better Call Saul online (the AMC TV show), our team ultimately decided Netflix is the best way to begin the series from the start (season 1, episode 1) or to catch up if you have missed any episodes from the first two seasons. 

For anyone who is international, the rights to stream Better Call Saul on Netflix may not be available in your region. While this is unfortunate, there is a workaround that remains legal through a loophole. 

By using a service like NordVPN, you can spoof your IP's location to the US and instantly access all content licensed for streaming within the United States including Better Call Saul (along with Breaking Bad).

If you want to watch the most recent episodes from Season 3 of Better Call Saul, then you'll need to wait until they are added to Netflix or purchase access to watch the latest episodes of the series through a content distribution service like Amazon Instant Video (no Prime required) or FandangoNow.

With the success of AMC's Breaking Bad series which commenced in 2013, the network decided to create a spin-off series based on the lawyer character by the name of Saul Goodman played by Bob Odenkirk.

Better Call Saul focuses on Odenkirk's character six years before his appearance on Breaking Bad when he was just a small-time lawyer whose real-name James Morgan McGill. The series first aired on February 8, 2015 on AMC and has recently finished airing its third season comprising 30 episodes in total with the future of the series still to come.

Better Call Saul has been nominated for many prestigious awards and accolades including the Critics Choice TV, American Film Institute, Golden Globe, and Primetime Emmy Awards. Bob Odenkirk has won several of these honors for his role as the lead character Saul Goodman.

watch better call saul season 2

Saul Goodman and Walter White share a discussion during Breaking Bad.

Chances are most of you have found this article looking for a way to watch Better Call Saul online for free or a low-cost, legal solution. Fortunately, the series has many ways to start watching from the beginning or catching up on any episodes you may have missed. 

In the remainder of this guide, our team will introduce you to a few ways to stream Better Call Saul online. We have evaluated these methods to all be safe and fall within the legal grounds of distribution.

Our efforts will focus on those in the United States (as this is where most of our visitors come from), but some of these methods may also work for those located internationally although this might require the need to utilize a VPN service to obtain access.

Which Streaming Services Offer Better Call Saul? (US)






Sling TV

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Monthly Cost







Episode Price

Free (HD)

$2.99 (HD)

$2.99 (HD)

$2.99 (HD)

$1.99 (HD)


Season Price

Free (HD)

$14.99-24.99 (HD)

$24.99 (HD)

$24.99-25.99 (HD)



iOS App

Android App

How To Watch Better Call Saul Online (Seasons 1-3)

watch better call saul free

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms for video and also one of the most widely supported services in international regions. The United States version of Netflix has access to the entire first two seasons for Better Call Saul for streaming HD (or even 4K) on an unlimited basis for the included monthly subscription fee.

If you are in an international region, then Better Call Saul may not be available through your Netflix account. In this case, you can move onto one of the other methods below or use a VPN service like NordVPN to spoof your location to the US to bypass the region lock from Netflix on Better Call Saul streaming.

As you probably realized by now, Netflix does not currently offer streaming of any of Better Call Saul's season three. If you are trying to stream or watch the latest episodes, then you'll have to wait for Netflix to get access to season 3 within their streaming library or move on to another method. 

better call saul streaming

Unfortunately, Amazon's Prime Video service does not offer free streaming of Better Call Saul (unlike Suits), but their Instant Video service does have paid access to this stellar series without any Prime membership required.

Pricing for Better Call Saul episodes are $2.99 for high definition ($1.99 for standard definition). You can get a discount by purchasing the entire season which starts at $14.99 for season one in HD and jumps up to $24.99 for season two and three. 

Amazon Instant Video is one of our favorite premium video distribution services as they offer some of the best selections of TV shows and movies at affordable prices. Better yet, their Instant Video service is compatible with almost every multimedia device including most smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs and dedicated streaming accessories.

watch better call saul free online

Apple has their own multimedia distribution service through iTunes which is a platform designed for users of their hardware devices and offers the first three seasons of Better Call Saul for purchase.

The pricing goes alone with Amazon's episode pricing with a $2.99 charge each. On the other hand, the seasons are all priced at $24.99. This means that you will not get the same $10 discount on season one as you would through Amazon. 

For those unfamiliar with iTunes, the service is ideal for those looking to stream or watch digital content through an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac computer. If you are planning to watch Better Call Saul through a device that is not found within the Apple ecosystem, then you'll probably want to choose another provider like Amazon over buying through iTunes. 

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Vudu is lesser-known video distribution service, but they were acquired by Walmart in 2010 for a reported $100M. The company operates similar to Amazon Instant Video and offers access to all three Better Call Saul seasons as well as the ability to purchase individual episodes.

The pricing structure for Better Call Saul content is the same as Amazon and iTunes for episodes at $2.99 for HDX (a fancy marketing term for HD) or $1.99 for SD. However, the per season pricing for high definition is $25.99 for season one and two and $24.99 for season three which makes it the most expensive per season charge of all of these content distribution services.

In terms of streaming compatibility, Vudu is widely supported though not as much as Amazon. There are dedicated Vudu applications for mobile devices, streaming accessories like Roku and modern game consoles. 

better call saul online

Fandango is often known by consumers as a way to buy movie tickets online, but they also offer a FandangoNow product which offers paid distribution of digital movie and TV show content. All three seasons of Better Call Saul are available through FandangoNow.

Pricing is cheaper than the other paid access services with HD episodes available for just $1.99 (versus the $2.99 of Amazon, iTunes and Vudu). Seasons one and two are priced the same as iTunes and Vudu at $24.99, but season three is offered for slightly cheaper at $23.99. 

FandangoNow content can be streamed through many different avenues including most smart TVs, Xbox gaming consoles, Roku streaming accessories, modern web browsers and both iOS and Android mobile devices.

How To Live Stream Better Call Saul (Season 3 & Reruns)

watch better call saul season 3 online free

Priced at just $20 per month, Sling TV's base 'Orange' plan offers 25+ channels of live TV streaming including AMC of which airs new Better Call Saul episodes. Sling TV is a reputable live TV streaming service that is a subsidiary of DISH

However, there is no on-demand playback of Better Call Saul included so you'll have to watch the new episodes live or catch any reruns that air on AMC in the off-hours. None of the SlingTV plans come with a free Cloud DVR functionality, but you can add this on for an additional $5 a month.

With Cloud DVR, you can schedule automatic recordings of Better Call Saul or any other TV show you wish to watch and the service will automatically save the episodes in the cloud for later playback. Keep in mind, this $5 add-on only includes 50 hours of storage so you'll have to use it wisely. 

Why Better Call Saul Shouldn't Be Illegally Watched or Streamed

We are more connected to each other and the outside world today through the power of the Internet. However, this luxury can be used with both good and bad intentions. 

Unlike many other websites, we do not support or condone piracy or illegal consumption of licensed content. While there are some monetary and convenience benefits to using these illicit means of accessing movies or TV shows, there are serious consequences you could face as well adverse affects towards the entertainment industry as a whole:

Reason #1: You Could Get Caught & Face An Expensive Legal Battle

Downloading or watching unlicensed content online without proper compensation to the copyright owner is against the law. Yes, we understand that there are many people participating in such illegal activities, but that doesn't make it morally okay to follow suit. 

It is true that the chances of being caught and charged are low at this time, there have still been 10,000 cases of everyday people being prosecuted for online piracy in the past decade, and the consequences of getting caught are scary:

  • Sentenced up to half a decade in jail
  • Facing fines in excess of $150,000 per file (per episode for this matter)
  • Subsequent lawsuits to pay for the opposing party's damages and legal fees

If you want some further reading on the laws of online piracy and a sample case or prosecution, here are some relevant articles:

Reason #2: Using Shady Websites To Watch Unlicensed Content Isn't Safe

If you found this article through Google, then you probably came across other websites in the search results that promise free streaming of Better Call Saul without any cost or strings attached.

Let it be known that in a case like this, the website is operating illegally and there is almost ALWAYS a catch. Most of the time, this catch involves a potential danger to your computer or your personal information in the form of malicious attacks.

For example, the Telegraph recently referenced a study that discovered a whopping 90% of the TV and film websites offering illegal content in the U.K. consisted of malware or other software whose primary purpose was to defraud their users. Schemes that are used on these websites include malware, viruses, spyware, identity theft, financial hacking, data ransom and phishing scams. 

We know some of you won't heed our warnings and these people will only see a free or cheap way to watch Better Call Saul online. In this case, just do us one big favor to protect yourself and your machine. If these shady websites or services try to acquire your personal information (name, email, address, financial information) or make you download software to view the content, do not continue and leave these sites immediately. This is almost always going to be an attempt to exploit your machine or your personal information in a fraudulent manner. 

Reason #3: Invalid Ratings & Revenue Loss Hurts The TV Series

When you decide to take the free route to enjoy a stellar series like Better Call Saul, you might save a few bucks. However, you are technically stealing money from the network of which in part pays for the livelihoods of the actors, writers and production staff whose creativity and hard work have made this series a success. 

If the series isn't making enough money to pay for their production costs or enough profit to entice the network into making future seasons, then the inevitable decision will be to cancel the show. This is also the case when it comes to lost ratings through piracy and illegal viewing.

You don't have to watch Better Call Saul live to be included on the measurable aspects for AMC to evaluate. The network takes into consideration metrics like the number of streams on Netflix or the amount of sales on third-party content distribution networks like Amazon, Vudu, iTunes or FandangoNow. 

These numbers are critical to the network to help them determine the success or the failure of their television series. If the numbers are too deflated from so much illegal viewing then AMC will likely end up canceling Better Call Saul in the future. 

By choosing a legal and most importantly safe way to watch Better Call Saul online, you are supporting the entertainment industry and giving the network the revenue and metrics it needs to continue to offer us excellent television content.

better call saul episode 1 watch online

Without the support of consumers, the entertainment industry will no longer have the funds or the incentive to create new content for all of us to enjoy. So next time you think you'll illegally watch or download a movie or TV show, remember it can have severe consequences for you or the entire industry as a whole. 

Did AMC Renew Better Call Saul For Season 4?

Since Better Call Saul season 3 just ended this past June, many fans of the series have been wondering if AMC will renew the series for a season 4. 

Fortunately, we have good news. AMC has put in the official approval to start filming Better Call Saul season 4 as their analytics have shown that the series is the third highest-rated drama on cable among adults 25-54 with an average viewer count of 3.6M per episode. 

The fourth season of Better Call Saul is scheduled to run another ten episodes which are expected to air in the Fall of 2018 (rumors are pointing to September): 

Better Call Saul Season 4

AMC has officially renewed Better Call Saul for a 10-episode fourth season airing in the Fall of 2018.

Around the same time that AMC will air the fourth season, you'll likely see the network will extend the streaming rights to Better Call Saul season 3 to Netflix.

Those looking to stay up to date with the premieres of the season 4 episodes will need to watch or stream it live via a compatible service or purchase the episodes after their air through Amazon, iTunes, Vudu or FandangoNow. 

You have made it to the end of our guide and we hope you found an ideal streaming solution to enjoy the various situations that Saul gets involved with throughout this excellent television series. At this time, the listed methods are the best solutions for to stream of watch Better Call Saul online.