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8 Of The Best GoPro Action Sports Camera Alternatives

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Want an action sports camera, but can't afford a GoPro or just looking for an alternative? You've come to the right place. I have done some research and rounded up 10 of the best GoPro action sports camera alternatives and listed them for your convenience below. Check them out for yourself and start capturing your favorite moments with ease!

61iEQHa-dQL._SL1023_ 2DBcam Micro Action Sports Camera

The DBcam is a miniature action sports camera that shoots 480P video. The camera is designed to be worn on your wrist, head, pocket, or backpack strap. Along with video functions, it also has a snapshot option that produces high resolution still images. The included protective casing protects the camera from rain, snow, sleet, or rain so you are able to capture footage in virtually any weather conditions. The built-in battery is said to provide 2.5hrs of video recording and over 250 hours in standbye mode. In order to store your footage, you will need to purchase a Micro SD card (sold separately), which this camera supports cards up to 16GB.

41+SHqE8puL 2Actionpro 1080p Action Sports Camera

Similar to the GoPro the Actionpro gives you full 1080 HD video capabilities while utilizing a 170 degree ultra wide angle lens. It also comes standard with a 1.5″ attachable LCD screen that will allow you to line up your shots perfectly in realtime. The Actionpro is also capable of 5MP still photos for those who want to take some awesome action stills in the heat of the moment. It includes a bunch of mounting accessories as well as a complementary 4GB memory card.


The HitCase is an excellent alternative to the GoPro, but you will need to own an iPhone 4/4s/5 in order to utilize it. The Hitcase is a fully weather and shockproof case that is able to be mounted just like the GoPro. By utilizing the iPhone's stellar camera and adequate storage space you are able to capture lots of crisp HD footage while performing any activity. If you buy the higher priced Hitcase Pro, you will also have an integrated 170 degree wide angle lens which will give you a larger POV and make your iPhone's camera look much better. (Read full review here)

511VRT0EcqL._SL1024_Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition HD Camera

The Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition HD camera is one of the most compact and best looking action sports cameras on the market. It can shoot in full 1080P HD as well as 960P & 720P if you're looking to get more storage space. The XS100 also shoots 16MP still photos. The device is waterproof and provides a 170 degree POV. You can adjust the framerate for 720P to capture awesome effects like slow or fast motion shots. Each purchase includes helmet & handlebar mounts.


Screen+Shot+2013-05-05+at+11.03.47+AMMorphie OutRide

Similar to the Hitcase, the Morphie OutRide is a protective case for the iPhone 4/4s that is weather and shock proof. The OutRide comes with a wide variety of mounting options including a helmet, handlebar, and surfboard attachment which will keep your device stable and secure while you record yourself participating in virtually any physical activity. Unfortunately, the Morphie Outride has not released and iPhone 5 version as of yet, so only iPhone 4/4s users will be able to take advantage of this case.

71NTkn8u7NL._SL1500_Blurfix HD Sport Action Camera

The Blurfix camera features 720P HD as well as standard definition video capabilities. If you're looking to capture still actions shots it is capable of producing 5MP images. The Blurfix ships with a waterproof and shockproof case as well as a 2-inch LCD touch screen display for video playback and configuration. Included is accessories like a suction cup, handlebar mount, helment mount, and waist hardness. These components will allow you to mount the Blurfix on a car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, helmet, or waist.

epichdactioncamEPIC HD Action Camera

The Epic HD Action camera provides full 1080P as well as 960P and 720P options. It can be mounted in multiple variations and has an adjustable 10/30 second self timer built-in. There is no native video preview/view, but you can purchase an EPIC viewer LCD screen separately. It utilizes SD cards up to 32 GB and is powered by 3 standard AAA batteries. Each purchase includes several mounting accessories.


Screen+Shot+2013-05-05+at+12.26.35+PMSony HDR-AS15/B ActionCam

The Sony HDR-AS15/B ActionCam gives the famous Sony HD camera quality in a compact and portable size. The device features built-in Wi-Fi, a 170-degree wide angle lens, HDMI output, and a rugged waterproof housing. On the inside you get the utilization of advanced features such as SteadyShot image stabilization, 4x Slow Motion video modes, and a Exmor CMOS sensor that provides excellent low-light performance. It accepts Memory Stock Micro and Micro SD/SDHC cards.

Photo Credit: Flickr

9 thoughts on “8 Of The Best GoPro Action Sports Camera Alternatives”

  1. Hey, I happened to come across this posting and I wanted to share a different product that I found. Its called an iClam and it basically turns you iPhone into a GoPro type product. Obviously this only works if you own an iPhone but it looks like a genius product.

  2. just saw this on their website:

    Looxcie Streaming Video End of Support

    Looxcie Inc. has formally announced that it is restructuring its operations and will exit the consumer camera and accessories business. As part of this realignment, Looxcie will no longer provide updates or support after December 31, 2014.

    Services such as live video streaming to Facebook as well as Looxcie mobile apps on iOS and Android will also be discontinued at that time.

    Looxcie Inc. will continue to honor limited warranty claims for all cameras purchased from an authorized reseller or directly from Looxcie.

    Learn more about these changes:

    Press Release

    • Thanks for the feedback, Dave. If you click through on each product’s name you will be able to see the current retail price of each unit. We purposely left out the retail prices in our article as each price is subject to a lot of change (promos, deals, price-cuts, discontinuations, etc.) and it is far too cumbersome to try and keep an updated price within our article. By linking to each product, we are able to provide our readers with an instant source of the accurate retail price of each product with one click!

  3. My son is turning 12 years old and wants a gopro for his birthday. I don’t want to spend that much for one gift.
    He likes to skateboard and snowboard. Which one of these do you think will work the best. I don’t want to spend more than $150 on it. My Mom wants to buy him the accessories for it. Please give me your recommendation. I’m not sure if i shouldn’t just splurge with the gopro. I’m afraid he won’t appreciate the others.

    • Hi Denise,

      Congrats on your son turning 12, this surely is an exciting time in his life!

      Truthfully, I would recommend dishing out the extra money for a GoPro. In your case, you can get the GoPro Hero3 White Edition for $199. I know this is $50 over your max budget, but it offers all the features a 12 year old could wish for, is compatible with all GoPro-related accessories, and still rocks that GoPro brand name that all the professional extreme sports athletes know and love.

      You could choose one of these alternatives and save a few bucks, but in the long run a real GoPro will likely outlast these alternatives in terms of build quality, performance, and battery life. I’m unsure of how much your mother wants to spend on accessories, but Amazon has a great GoPro accessory bundle for $55 that offers virtually every mounting solution within it. There are plenty of other cheaper mounting options on the market as well. If you choose a GoPro alternative, the accessories market may be scarce or non-existent in some cases.

      These would be my recommendations if I were in your situation, best of luck on your search for the perfect gift and happy early birthday to your son!

    • Wi-Fi allows the user the ability to connect to the camera via a smartphone or tablet to do things like edit camera settings, control the camera remotely, and easily share content on social media. All the current Go-Pro models offer this type of functionality, but only a few of these alternatives do as of now.

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