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After being disappointed with my last business card purchase through VistaPrint, I decided to give it a second try and revamped my  design in the process. I opted to buy the ‘Stylish Business Card' theme from ThemeForest and began designing. I loved the look and the finished product looked amazing as you can see from the designer's photo below: business card review
What I expected my printed cards to look like.

Once I had my edited the business card template to my liking, I had to choose which printing service I wanted to use. I almost went with 123Print, but was more expensive than competitors, so I decided to follow through with, but little did I know I was in for a big surprise (not in a good way).

Uploading & Configuring My Design

Since I had previously designed the business card in photoshop, I visited the ‘business cards' section on website and click “upload your own design”. Within minutes, I had my design configured how I expected and was given an instant proof of what it would look like. The spacing looked event and the information was correct so I was satisfied. Below is the ‘low resolution preview' which matched the proof's outcome, but is a lower quality.


Pricing & Checkout

I followed through the rest of checkout process and opted to order 1000 business cards in the high quality satin matte finish for $49.95. The final cost was supposed to be $61.90 with shipping, but they were running a promotion at the time which gave me ‘VIP pricing' which gave me $15.10 off my order. This seemed like I was getting an excellent deal especially since the same order through 123Print came out to be just under $100 with shipping. The final cost for the 1,000 matte business cards came out to be $46.80 shipped.  The checkout process was simple and straightforward there it just became a waiting game for my business cards to finally arrive.


Turnaround Time & Delivery

I officially placed my order on May 23th at 3:10 PM. I received an email on May 28th at 4:21 PM informing me that my business cards have been printed and shipped which means it took them 5 days in order to print the cards. That turnaround time is nothing impressive, but it was still reasonable and I was glad they were in route to my home.


On May 30th at 11:51 AM, I received my order in the mail and they were neatly packaged in one large box. This put the total time between order placement and product arrival at just under 7 days, which is fairly acceptable in my opinion.

Business Card Quality & Impressions

Upon opening in the box, I had one reaction come to mind which was utter disappointment. Though the card stock was of a decent quality, the printing was downright terrible. My uploaded design was completely off center which ruined the clean white border I had anticipated based off of the preview and the designer's photo. What was even more disappointing is that upon further inspection, my uploaded design is not only off-center, it was also printed crooked and the corners have different lengths of white space. In terms of the color and the print quality, I would put it as mediocre at best and on par with VistaPrint's capabilities.



I immediately referenced the sample images on my account and verified that the spacing was correct (as you can see earlier it was spot on with equal borders around all sides). This made me very frustrated, but  I gave the company the benefit of the doubt as mistakes happen. I was sure they would see my disappointment and remedy the situation appropriately.

Customer Service & Resolution

The first thing I did was call their customer support number. I received a representative after only a few minutes,  the woman on the phone was very short with me and talked to me in a dull and uninterested tone. She tried to reference my order number, but was unable to see the proof therefore informed me to take images of business cards and send them to their email address.

I followed her directions and promptly sent photos of the front of the card, the back of the card, a shot of multiple cards (showing they were all printed incorrectly), and I also attached the low resolution preview that I based my order off of.

Within a few hours I received a response from their support representative Angela, which stated that I must have uploaded the wrong file attributes or has done something wrong on my end to achieve this result.

Angela went on to state:

At Overnight Prints, we recognize that these things sometimes happen. To help you resolve your issue, we will gladly issue you a 50% store credit of the product cost ($34.85). Store credits never expire and can be used with other discounts on future orders.

If you no longer wish to keep the cards, you will need to return the product at your expense for a full store credit of the product cost. Please provide the tracking number for the return right away so we can process your store credit.

Now, I was a bit surprised by this response as even though multiple of their print previews showed the correct spacing, they still claimed I was responsible for the spacing problem. This seemed to me as highly unlikely especially since the cards themselves were not printed on a level angle and were slightly tilted, which is not even possible to achieve during the upload process. Worst of all they expected me to keep the defective cards in exchange for half of my money back in store credit (which I wouldn't use considering how terrible the experience was thus far) or I could ship them back to her at my expense and she'll be “kind” enough to issue me a full amount of store credit equal to my purchase total (again I don't want store credit for something that is defective).

I gathered my thoughts and responded to Angela confessing I was doubting her explanation and that the previews were all matching the correct spacing and looked exactly how I expected them to come out. I did inform her that I would be citing my experience in a review that would be made public, hoping she would show some sort of positive customer support and salvage what's left of their reputation even if it were slightly. Unfortunately, she dropped the ball and things could not be fixed.

She responded back with a response that made me nearly fall out of my chair:

If you review our website's design guide we advise against any borders on your files and we also make sure you are aware that our cuts do shift 1/16th of an inch in any direction during the cutting process. This cutting shift is why we do not recommend borders on your files. The link on the site for all the information on guidelines and cutting is – We are not able to guarantee a perfect centered cut and per the Terms of Service that you agree to during the order process, you acknowledge that borders are considered to be a customer error.

In reviewing all of the options I think I may have come up with a resolution that will meet your needs. Please choose from one of the following:

  1. If a store credit is requested, Overnight Prints will send you a prepaid return label for the defective product. Once that product is received in our facility, a store credit code will be will be issued to your email. Store credits never expire and can be used with other discounts on future orders.
  2. If a refund is requested, Overnight Prints will send you a prepaid return label for the defective product. Once that product is received in our facility, a full refund will be issued.

I was truly baffled. She stated her company was incapable of printing a design perfectly in the center of a business card and due to their lack of performance, they classify this as a “customer error”. This means their print preview panel DOES NOT accurately portray what your business cards will look like in the final product and are undoubtedly deceiving. I guess the only real mistake I made was not reading the fine print (this will change next time) and realizing how terrible this company really is before I decided to do business with them.

Final Verdict

In the end, my business card experience was extremely disappointing and really opened my eyes to how horribly some companies are run yet miraculously are still in business. I opted to return my 1,000 business card order in exchange for a full refund as I would never do business with the company again. Their lack of professionalism, customer service, and printing performance makes them a nightmare to do business with and I HIGHLY suggest you avoid them at all costs. I suggest trying a competitor like that has a great deal of positive feedback. I will be writing a review of my experience with them in the near future.

32 thoughts on “ Review – My Business Card Experience”

  1. I just ordered cards from there and not to poke at you I did read the rule on making the image full bleed.

    However after researching printers for books etc overseas, I ran across printers that make business cards for a small fraction of the cost and will drop ship the product for business' that sell office supplies etc. Directly to the customer. Which led me to think… IS Overnight Prints really just a storefront with a call center?

    Anyway sorry about the experience. that is a lot of money for cards. I still cant figure out how my order of two sets of cards ended up being a higher price quoted with their calculator on top of shipping costs.

  2. Actually the lesson here really is not to is put borders on business cards unless you know the printer can trim accurately – it’s a universal problem, and every wise printer will advise against this on their website. Things always shift slightly in offset and digital printing so always a gamble – I never risk it. That is also why they typically ask for designs with an 1/8 inch bleed and also for all important elements to be within an 1/8 inch inner safe zone – so when cutting the printed card does shift, the design won’t look too off-kilter.

    Overnight Prints are incredibly cheap and as such, probably have to cut corners (no pun intended) or at least do things in a cost effective way. The actual print quality in these photos really doesn’t look too bad to be honest. You’re obviously not a designer otherwise you’d know these things – not so fair to blame the printer in this case I think.

    And no I don’t work for OP – I’m just a designer who had to learn stuff like this the hard way too 😉

    Better luck next time.


  3. I always order cards from Vistaprint, and I am fully aware of the “no border” rule. Its pretty much universal. That being said, I still think the company should have contacted you and let you know, before they printed the cards. Looking at the pictures, the print quality looks comparable if not better than Vistaprint, and as a business owner… the fact they gave you full refund and a prepaid return label… frankly, I think, they went out of their way. I know vistaprint would never offer a penny in refund. I still use them because they are dirt cheap. I read your review before placing an order on Overnight Prints for letterhead. I will know next week what my experience is. Hopefully, they can win me over from Vistaprint for cheap printing.

  4. The worst customer service I’ve experienced in a LONG time!!! Literally from the day after I sent my proof they screwed it up over and over and over… Nothing went right! I thought I was in a bad SCI-FYI flick!! Then at the end, weeks late, I received two orders. I am still trying to send one back and they are playing games with “IN-STORE” credits. I DON’T WANT AN IN-STORE CREDIT, I WANT MY MONEY BACK, because I’ll NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN! Save your time and money, go to Kinko’s or your local printed, in the end it’ll cost you a lot less!!!! I’m only sorry I didn’t read the post above before I ordered! You’ve been warned!

  5. Low prices, and ok quality, but if you are a graphic designer, not worth the risk of missing client deadlines!!!!

    Order #57239750 was submitted Sunday night with shipping selected for Friday delivery. As of Thursday, the order was still listed as “in production” showing a new “estimated delivery date” of next Tuesday!

    I called with valid concern yesterday, and after 2 calls, customer service was still unable to provide an explanation for the status of my order. After wading through the usual canned responses stating their “commitment to quality assurance”, and that “delivery dates are not guaranteed”, I clearly established that there were no issues with the files I submitted, and no problems were reported from their “quality assurance team”.

    The conclusion after 20 minutes on the phone, was that the delay was a result of mismanagement on the behalf of Overnight Prints, and delivery next week due to their negligence was unacceptable. If delivery next week was acceptable, I would have selected a cheaper shipping option for delivery next week!

    The resolution offered was an “overnight shipping upgrade” for an additional fee of over $100! This was an insult, as well as the offer for a $46 shipping refund to accept a worthless $277 order, 4 days late.

    As I explained yesterday, this order needs to be in my client’s hands by Saturday, period. The only acceptable remedy was for Overnight Prints to suck it up and get the order here by Saturday at the absolute latest! The representative said that their contract with UPS does not cover saturday deliveries, but she would see what else she could do, and give me another call back.

    There was no second call back, and now Friday, the day it was supposed to arrive, the order status is still listed as “in production”.

    If Overnight Prints stood behind what is advertised on their site, and they valued long lasting, lucrative relationships with design professionals, they would have owned their mistake, expedited production, and shipped the order over-night when I called yesterday.

    This marks the third order in two months that has been a hassle, disappointment, and a failure to my clients. This experience is damaging to the credibility and success of my business. I urge my peers, colleagues, associates, and clients, to be wary. The low pricing and “VIP discount programs” here are negated by a lack of commitment to timely delivery.

    I conclude with a contrast of quotes. One from, and the other from their customer service representative:

    “Simply select the available date of delivery and we will get this order to you on that date. So, if you need it tomorrow, select tomorrow’s date to receive your order.

    Of course, not everyone needs their order tomorrow, so other arrival dates for purchase are available as well. Combine our low prices with an economical shipping option to save money and still receive your order on the date you need it.”

    “Our delivery dates are not Guaranteed”

    – Jasmine

  6. Good review, and you are right about the print quality from Overnight Prints: Their quality is not great – but for the price it is not bad either. Vistaprint and Overnight prints offer a comparable quality and service level. If you want cheap business cards with OK print quality they are not bad in my oppinion. If you want the absolute best quality go for MOO ( but be prepared to pay 4-5 times as much). Or find a local print shop in your area that delivers great quality.

    Choosing your preffered printer really depends on the purpose of your business cards and your budget. If you are on a budget and need ok cards to hand out in bulk, use Vistaprint or Overnight Prints. If you want to make an impression and have the best quality possible: be prepared to spend.

    I agree with Jason: no printer can deliver exaclty centered business cards. Any printing company requires you to prepare your document with a bleed (safe zone). They all cut the business cards with a guillotine – these are not exactly accurate devices.
    Sorry to hear about your experiance with Overnight Prints. Better luck next time!

  7. If you value customer service and a quick turnaround, this is absolutely NOT the place.

    We placed an order for our museum for custom magnets for an event. We ordered them early in the week and chose a shipping option that would have our product to us well before the event. The day they were estimated to arrive, I checked our order status and it still said they were in production, so I called and spoke to someone. My experience started out great – he apologized for the delay in production and even called the production facility to check on the order, since I told him that we needed the product for an event that weekend. After speaking with the production facility, he told me that they were finished and being shipped THAT NIGHT and would arrive at our museum the next day. His words were “The only thing that could delay the order at this point is the shipper, since that is not our company.” The next day (Friday,) I called to check in, and our order was still sitting in the production line, not packed, not shipped. I was told I would not receive the magnets until Monday – the day AFTER our event. I explained that this was unacceptable and asked them to please overnight the order for delivery on Saturday. I was told that they couldn’t do that because their shipping agencies (FedEx and UPS) don’t deliver on the weekends??? I’m sure you understand my confusion at that statement.

    We attempted to cancel the order so that we could request a refund, since this product was not longer going to be of use to us AFTER the event we needed them for. They refunded our shipping cost but refused to refund the cost of the product itself. I spoke with multiple supervisors. One told us she would review correspondence and get back to us with a decision, and never called back. The next “supervisor” seemed to try to help the situation, but was “unable” to do anything. Every person I spoke with admitted that it was their company’s fault that this order was delayed, but they did NOTHING to try to resolve this situation for their customer. I have never had such a horrible customer service experience.

  8. Placed an order for one poster on 08/18/2016 with a delivery date of 09/08/2016. It’s now 09/10/2016, my order hasn’t arrived, and the website says it’s still “in production.” For a company with the word “overnight” in its title, you wouldn’t think it would take three weeks to produce one simple poster. Very disappointed.

    Update: I contacted their customer support and received the following reply on 09/10/2016.


    I am so sorry about the delays with this order, we have been having some technical difficulties with our poster press.

    However, I understand this is not your fault, and your customer service experience should not have to suffer due to our system issues.

    I can get the order out to you ASAP, or if you are no longer in need of the order, I can issue you a full refund to the card that was used to originally pay for the order.”

    I asked them to go ahead and get the order out to me as soon as they could, then never heard back from them. Messaged them again on 09/12/2016 and still haven’t heard back. It’s now 09/14/2016 with no word from them. I ordered this poster almost a month ago now!

    This company is a total scam. They’ve been having problems with their poster press and didn’t bother to tell customers about it? Makes me wonder if they would have messaged me had I not contacted their customer support. I highly doubt I would have ever received my poster. Heck, there’s a good chance I still won’t receive it.

    I’ll likely be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau. They clearly have no concept of what “overnight” means and their customer support is a joke. Judging from the other reviews I’ve read, I’m just one of many who’s been duped by this place.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Doug, while ours wasn’t so bad as we received product in the end, it is important that others share their experiences. Especially with such an issue as this (poster press issues without communication) and I surely hope they do something over the top to make it up to you. Appreciate your input and I’m sure it will help other readers decide whether they want to give Overnight Prints any future business!

  9. I’m having the exact same issue with them. As I type this I’m on hold with customer service. So far I’ve had to reprint my 1,000 business cards THREE TIMES and each time they’re cut so crooked I can’t use them. This last batch also has some random ink spots on the front of all of them. They’ve offered me the 50% credit in the past but I kept thinking at some point they’d get this right. Apparently not. I’m going to try to get the RMA and prepaid shipping label now. Hopefully it works because I don’t want to have a 50% credit to this place, nor do I want to pay to ship 3,000 business cards to them. It’s really baffling because I had such a great experience with them a couple years ago.

    • Sorry to hear about your problems, Laura! Thankfully people are coming forward to detail their awful experiences. Overnight Prints used to be great, but over the last few years the company seems to have really gone downhill. I ordered 1,000 business cards in 2013 and they arrived with a horrible ink splotch on every single card that totally ruined them and rendered them useless. I brought it to their attention and they finally reprinted them, but that was my first warning sign that something was awry with the company. How they could have boxed and shipped 1,000 cards with such an obvious error was baffling.

      I finally received my poster last week after waiting a whopping 34 days, and the print quality is atrocious. Horrible bleeding everywhere, obvious print lines, and to top of all off… the poster has several wrinkles. This will be the last order I ever place with Overnight Prints. I’m generally a fairly loyal customer, but I’ll be going with another printer from now on.

  10. I cannot express how disappointed I am. I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years ordering not only for my business (I am the Marketing Director), but for my personal use as a graphic designer as well. I spend thousands with this Company annually. I recently printed posters for a Company event. The estimated arrival date of the posters was 9/27 – plenty of time before my 10/8 event. The posters did not even SHIP until 10/3 and will miss my event completely. I tried to contact Customer Service by Live Chat on the website and could never get a response. I called and waited on hold for over 45 minutes before finally giving up. I attempted contact thru the website again with no luck. Eventually, I emailed them asking for a refund as the cost was over $400. I was told the only thing they would do is give me credit for the difference in shipping. This is the second time I have had this happen. The first time I PAID for 2 day shipping and didn’t receive my items on time. I normally have not had issues with shipping, but this was unacceptable. Customer Service was horrible with a complete lack of regard for the customer or longevity of our business relationship. Printing Companies are very competitive. I won’t say they will lose all my business, but they will definitely lose the bulk of it. Very disappointed.

    • Contact the Better Business Bureau. You can file a complaint online. That’s what I was forced to do, and it’s the only reason this joke of a company even got back to me. They wound up refunding my order. I still can’t believe a company with the word “overnight” it the name took 34 days to get me one simple poster. If enough people file complaints with the BBB, maybe they’ll step up their game. That, or go out of business entirely so they can’t continue ripping people off.

  11. I agree – what a horrible, horrible company. I ordered a huge amount of brochures from these ripoff artists. When I received them, although they weren’t great, I was happy enough with them. I checked through the first 50 or so and all were okay. Fast forward 10 or 11 months after I’ve been actively sending these out. I open one up only to find that the inside of the brochure contains someone else’s info. Yikes! I don’t know how many I’ve sent out this way. I contact the company thinking surely they stand behind such a ludicrous error no matter the timing since who opens every single of a thousand brochures to check them when they get them? They did not even respond to the online form so I called. They claim to have emailed me, but there is no email to be found in my inbox, junk, or spam, so I’m doubting that. They basically said “too bad”. They would do nothing about this. So here I am with unusable brochures that I spent a lot of money on. Stay far away from these jokers. There are much, much better companies to work with!

  12. Same thing just happened to me! And I vowed to write every bad review about them.
    There’s other choices out there, DO NOT USE THEM!
    I received my business cards with everything wrong with them. One side missing (which the company says I deleted when checking out), a sloppy UV spot job which made it bubble out and ruin my logo, UV spot drops on card, ridged edges from a poor cut, and pixelated coloring.
    I contacted the company letting them know about these issues and poor quality, they focused on the missing side instead of all the photographic proof of the poor quality. After almost a week of them considering my issue they said they could only offer me 50% off a reprint. I decided not to bother with another poor quality print and look elsewhere for higher quality and better customer service. Kinkos honestly had better quality, cheaper and better service!

  13. I don’t know what’s going on with Overnight Prints. We placed an order with them several months ago and we didn’t have any problems with the order. However, with our most recent order, the experience has been completely dreadful. We placed our order on March 2, 2018 and we were supposed to get our order by March 7. It’s now March 15 and no sign of our postcards. I have reached out to them via their website contact form and we got no response. The next day, I tried calling them, but they didn’t pick up for over a half hour. I then used the “Live Chat” feature and they told me that they’d get to back to me later that day. No email follow up at all. On the phone right now and using the Live Chat simultaneously for the past 15 minutes. No one appears to be home. Horrible customer service. I won’t be using Overnight Prints again and you should save yourself the trouble and go with someone else. Seriously.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Robert. It’s been 5 years after we wrote this article and haven’t been a customer of them since then, but I am disappointed to know they didn’t improve their service. Best of luck getting it sorted. As another commenter mentioned, MOO seems to be the best choice though more expensive (you get what you pay for I guess).

    • I found this by trying to locate a place to put a horrible review in of them. They sent me a set of terrible cards that were blurry, poorly cut, not centered. Then after 3 weeks of trying to get a hold of them they reprinted and sent me new versions. They were even worse. The rounded corners on one of the cards they completely skipped a corner. It felt like a joke.

    • Something is definitely going on over there. I have used them for years and recently noticed that both quality and customer service have declined hugely. After my last experience on a business card order that was never delivered and having to fight with them to get it reprinted I have decided not to use them again. Plenty of other options out there and I just don’t feel like they value my business.

  14. It’s true, my experience with Overnight Printing is very similar…only in my case even after a number of attempts to contact them about their poor print quality, uneven corner cuts, and bad color matching, they still have yet to respond to me! Overnight Printing is a company to stay far away from!!!

  15. In 2018, it seems nothing has changed with the way does business. My husband and I pretty much had an identical experience when ordering company cards that we designed ourselves.

    Not only were all cards horribly off center and crooked, but they also liked like they had been printed with an old inkjet that was running out of ink and/or had bad print heads. They were so faded I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    An old card we printed ourselves was tacked to a bulletin board for well over a year. The print on that old card was a million times crisper and more color accurate than what delivered.

    I was more gobsmacked upon calling them to tell
    them of the dissapointment I had with their final product. The response was unacceptable. I told the rep how shocked I was that they would even mail a paying customer such a poor representation of what we actually ordered. They are not even complicated cards. They consist of three ink colors. Black, red and blue.

    The rep told us that if we wanted a full refund, we needed to photograph the front and back of 50 cards and email them for review. One card wasn’t enough. They wanted FIFTY cards photographed! Fifty, poorly printed, off center, crooked cards. It was at that point that we told the rep how absurd this was. We told her to forget it and that we would be calling American Express to get a refund instead… and ended the call.

    All around awful experience with the actual end product and with their “customer service”…. Never have we had a vendor tell us it was OUR FAULT that they deliver such a terrible product.

  16. I just purchased cards last week from Overnight Prints as well. I was just reading your review and it sounded so similar to my situation. I had an issue with business cards where they cut the bottom off of and said it was my fault.The woman I spoke with didn’t seem to care and would not make it right. She only wanted to blame me and was very unprofessional. I will never do business with Overnight Prints and suggest that if you are thinking about doing business with them, don’t do it!!!

  17. I ordered business cards for a specific event. I will say in their defence that they contacted me to say the image would be poor. I redid the work using their programme and was advised this had passed quality. As a result delivery was delayed by a day ~ no problem. I had paid for specific delivery so it was still guaranteed to be with me by 23rd November. This being particulary important as only ordered for an event on 25th November.
    23rd Nov ~ no delivery. They had been quick in responding so thought no problem just email them. Emailed, Facebook message and Twitter ~ no reply. Having worked in consumer law I should have checked this prior to purchase but have never had problems with other printers so didn’t on this occasion. Of course this was a big mistake.
    This company have appaling customer service and charge for services they simply do not provide. Of course as I don’t have the product I cannot comment on quality. I will be requesting a full refund and will raise a chargeback claim via my bank.
    As a company you should be ashamed of how you carry out your business. At some point the time will come where a business that could have thrived will no longer be used ~ the sooner that day comes the better. Absolute disgrace!
    Thank goodness the rest of us run teputible businesses!

  18. I found this article because I was about to post one about EXACTLY THE SAME experience. I looked at the photos of your box and the cards themselves and showed it to my wife and we both laughed for 30 minutes. It was like looking into a mirror. My case was even “better”: I ordered cards with rounded corners. Yes, you can laugh now! Not a SINGLE card was cut correctly. It looked like their staff was drunk or on crack while cutting the cards.

  19. Absolute Scam Please Stay Away-

    I ordered overnight prints for CES conference in Las Vegas and paid $45 rush fee, the cards were supposed to be delivered on 4th Jan but never reached till 6th Jan and I was supposed to travel to Vegas for conference on 7Th.

    When I call them to cancel they said they can not cancel although order is still not processed and they never said its guaranteed overnight service 🙂 thats the name of the business but its not a guarantee . I was told that company can send it to my vegas add and I will get it as soon as I get there, I reached vegas and went to conference without business cards and when I called them they said upps still not done but tomorrow for sure and again they pulled a fast one finally cards got delivered on 11th after I left the conference and vegas and I lost $55 and still got no cards.


  20. Just had a terrible experience myself. We ordered business cards last month and they were fine. So when we needed some postcards for a special event, we decided to use them because they’re called “Overnight Prints” and their website says that if we order them by 5PM PST, we will get them the next day, guaranteed.

    I placed the order at 10:00AM EST but when I printed the invoice, I noticed they had added 250 BLANK postcards (not even the same size as the one I had ordered) at a cost of $95! I immediately tried to contact them to ask for them to please remove them and adjust the charge, but like you – no response AND a message popped up that said “allow 3 days for email response” – this was to their “help” email.

    Going back and forth for several hours trying via phone, email and chat, they finally told me my order wouldn’t pass review because the cards (that THEY ADDED) were blank, so they wouldn’t process my order. Their solution was for me to cancel the order and redo it, but for me to please note, their delivery times were not guaranteed. I copied/pasted the guarantee from their website and the chat rep, “Nikita” disconnected with me. He/she was very rude throughout the entire process and kept blaming me for putting blank cards on my order.

    We were in dire straits at that time and were forced to pay more for shipping than the price of the product due to their incompetence and inability to provide even minimal customer service.

    The product arrived today and it is not even as good of quality as Vistaprint, but at 4 times the price. Never again.

  21. No quality control or customer service anymore.

    I’ve been a loyal client of this company since 2008 and order thousands of cards from them. This last order (from the exact same file) came out horrible. The cards are very “washed out”. Color is faded. They are not even good enough to use. After admitting they could do better it’s now 3 months later and they have no interest is resolving the issue. Their response was “we think they are in tolerance”. Which means they have no tolerance! If the color in the file is bad why did the last 5 orders from the same file turn out just fine?

    This is not the way to treat a long-time client that has grown used to getting top quality products from this company. Apparently, they can’t consistently print the same colors using the same original file anymore. And they obvious don’t care about how long or how good a client you have been. Better to find a company that values your long-term business. They just lost my business!

  22. No quality control or customer service anymore.
    I’ve been a loyal client of this company since 2008 and order thousands of cards from them. This last order (from the exact same file) came out horrible. The cards are very “washed out”. Color is faded. They are not even good enough to use. After admitting they could do better it’s now 3 months later and they have no interest is resolving the issue. Their response was “we think they are in tolerance”. Which means they have no tolerance! If the color in the file is bad why did the last 5 orders from the same file turn out just fine?

    This is not the way to treat a long-time client that has grown used to getting top quality products from this company. Apparently, they can’t consistently print the same colors using the same original file anymore. And they obvious don’t care about how long or how good a client you have been. Better to find a company that values your long-term business. They just lost my business!

  23. I spent $100 on business cards and am very upset with what I received. Corners are choppy and not clean and some still even attached, 25% of cards have a creased line down the back, and all coloring is off. These are not acceptable!!! I paid an extra premium to get the cards quickly as I needed them for a conference. The quality is horrible and not a good representation of my brand. Upon receiving the product I spoke with an online customer service person that was not able to help me but rather said I needed to email the production people. They were supposed to have the mistakes and issues reviewed. I have sent three emails now and waited almost two weeks with no response. This is absolutely horrible customer service and I will not be back if this is not rectified! Too bad because I was a loyal customer and recommended lots of clients in the past! Order #186600590

  24. i found this after looking to post a horrible review too

    Overnight prints turned out to be over 5 days. missed the event. the flyers were then useless. no refund
    craziest thing is that on the delivery day they wrote to say they hadn’t even printed them yet, and they’d come when they felt like sending them. so I told them to cancel them. it was in that moment that they went ahead and printed them so they could charge me….yet still delivery was another 3 days
    appalling. everything they say in their advertising is untrue. and they aren’t even that cheap. I could have got this rushed locally for far better quality and on time for 10% more

  25. Worst print provider I’ve seen in over 35 years of professional art direction and print design.
    Zero production answers, non delivery, and non existent customer service. 3 weeks and counting for a small, simple job. I’ve requested a refund and cancellation but was refused. Beware, I can only assume this is a cut rate print broker who holds no weight with actual production.

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