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  • Vistaprint Online Printing Service
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Vistaprint is one of the most popular printing services found on the web.


Making the right first impression is important for any business owner and being able to leave a lasting impression to a customer through printed media is a great way to retain future business. I was in the market for some business cards of my own so I decided to look at my options and get to review a new service in the process. After asking around to friends and family, most of them had talked about previously going through Vistaprint. Since they do such a large amount of advertising I was familiar with the company and thought I'd give it a shot and report back to you all.

Company Reputation

Vistaprint had been in business since 1995 and due to their extensive amount of advertising especially on television, they are probably the most popular online printing service around. Vistaprint is Better Business Bureau accredited since 2010, but currently has 93 reviews through BBB with 57 of them a negative experience. Judging off these statistics alone the BBB has awarded them 2/5 stars and a 34.8% customer satisfaction rating. From my experience from start to finish, I can say the company seems to be almost a clone of how GoDaddy operates. By this I mean the company is super commercialized, will charge you extra for any little thing, and are focusing on quantity of sales rather than quality of their services. I'll get further into the details of this reasoning below.

Customer Service

From my personal experience, the customer service was surprisingly excellent. I had a question about the some features when placing my order and I spoke to representative on the phone who was very helpful and guided me along the process (even though it was easy enough to do alone). Since one of my questions was about the final result she even ordered a $1.99 proof for free onto my account to help ensure confidence in my purchase. She was very polite and asked about my business showing a genuine interest in what I was using their service for. To be brutally honest, I wasn't expecting the woman to be so kind and helpful. I have dealt with support services for similar companies and am used to the staff being brief, uninterested, and often not knowledgable about their own services so this was a breath of fresh air in that regard.


Vistaprint is a rather large company so they offer a pretty wide variety of printing and marketing services. For this review's sake I'm only going to touch upon the business card feature since it is the only aspect I have personally dealt with for this particular company. In terms of design, if you are someone who is not crafty and would rather just pick a design & add your personal details you have that option. In fact, you can choose from over 5,500 pre-made templates with an assortment of industry specific designs for plumbers, handymen, hairdressers, photographers, and many more. If you want to get more creative and upload your own design such as one from Graphic River then you have this option as well. I went with this choice as I wanted something sleek and custom in regards to myself and my business.

The pricing for business cards range from $5.99 and can go in upwards of $75 depending on quantity, quality, and other features. I chose the “premium” business cards which were $15.00 using the TV promo. I wanted the highest quality paper or material so it cost an extra $10.49 for the premium glossy stock. Since my design was both front and back I was charged an additional $7.99 for a color back side. I was able to upload the front of my business card for free, but was charged $4.99 just for simply uploading the back of the card. I found this to be just a sad excuse to squeeze every cent out of their customers as they could and it costs nothing to the company itself to allow me to upload the image.

There were a few other instances where the “charge extra for everything” mentality shined through. For example, when you upload your design it shows a sample of what they will look like, but this sample is very low quality. This made me worried about the end result and was the reason I contacted support in the first place. In order to verify the quality and spacing, you are instructed to order the $1.99 PDF proof that gives you a high quality image to get a more clear idea of the finished product. I found this to be really obnoxious and just poor business on their part.

Lastly, I was absolutely shocked at their outrageous pricing for shipping. For example, my order included “free” shipping which takes around 14 days to receive your business cards. They wanted an additional $14.99 for to receive my order in 7 days and a staggering $24.99 for 3 day shipping! I was blown away by the company's level of greed and it really rubbed me the wrong way to the point where I didn't want to buy the cards from them, but for the sake of being able to give a full review I choose to go through with it.


My order was officially placed on the 23rd of January and they shipped 7 days later on the 30th. It took 6 days to arrive at my doorstep totaling 13 days from order completion to product received. This is 1 day less than the free shipping was estimated which was nice, but still not so great considering free shipping still takes 14 days. They did come neatly packaged separated into two boxes containing 250 business cards each. Since I got the premium glossy stock they are a thick and heavy material so 500 business cards take up a lot of room and appear like they are a larger amount than I ordered. The material is very nice and well worth it, but I was disappointed with a few aspects of the printing.

My first complaint is that the overall sharpness of the printing & text on my business cards is not as precise as I expected it to be. This leaves the text & icons looking a bit pixelated and grainy making it difficult to read. Secondly, the colors do not match the colors I uploaded and the same colors that were shown in the proof. They are definitely similar, but a couple of shades off and I think this does make the business cards look different than what I ordered in a bad way. The final disappointment is regarding spacing of my uploaded design on the back of the cards. The front looks normal and is evenly spaced in the middle of the card. The back however has more white space on the top of the card than it does on the bottom which makes the card look much less professional and cheaply done. This is not a mistake on my part as you can reference the proof to see the spacing was indeed submitted correctly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I anticipated that the Vistaprint service was going to be a much better experience than it was. Greedy pricing structures, slow shipping & handling, and a very marginal finished product has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  I cannot recommend this company to others as I don't think you are receiving the value on the dollar that you will with competing services. Personally, I will not be returning to Vistaprint again for any of my printing or promotional needs, but instead I recommend checking out a competitor 123Print, that has a large amount of positive reviews and much more reasonable pricing.