Kanex DoubleUp – Dual USB Charger Review

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  • anex DoubleUp Dual USB Charger
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Kanex Double Up allows you to charge up to two iOS devices simultaneously through a single outlet.

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With so many consumers owning multiple mobile devices such as smartphones, e-readers, and tablets, most of us are experiencing clutter when it comes to our wall outlets needed to charge these devices. By utilizing a product like the Kanex DoubleUp, you are able to condense your outlet usage without suffering a lack of charging speeds. The DoubleUp retails for a steep $49 MSRP, but on sites like Amazon you are currently able to pick it up for $39. Packing two 2.1-amp USB ports located on the bottom of the body, you able to charge two iPads simultaneously while maintaining sufficient speeds.

1Upon receiving the DoubleUp, I was surprised at how compact the box was.  The packaging is of a high quality and has an overall presentation that reminded me of Apple's. Though this seems like an unimportant aspect to touch on, it is always a great first impression when you buy a product and see such a high level of effort spent on the product packing as you know the product inside will be just as high of quality.The device was tucked inside nicely and featured multiple layers of plastic wrap to keep it from becoming damaged through its transport.

At first glance, I was immediately impressed at the design and build quality of the DoubleUp. Though you don't often think much about the cosmetic appeal of your charging devices, this one is by far one of the coolest looking charging related accessories I've ever seen. The look of the black glossy finish is awesome and really looks great when plugged into an outlet though they do offer it in white for those of you who would prefer that.

Using the DoubleUp is simple, only requiring you to plug it into a free wall outlet and utilize your existing Apple USB charging cables to connect your devices. The DoubleUp does not include any USB cables, but is designed to work with all devices that use MFI (Made for iPad/iPhone/iPod) and USB certified cables to charge. When your devices are near full power, the LED status lights above each port will change to green to let you know your device is finished with the charging process.


Through my personal use, I found the product to work exceptionally well. In particular, I have been using it for the past couple of days to charge my iPhone 5 & iPad 2 simultaneously. I have not experienced any issues and the charging speed seems to be as fast if not faster than when I was using the traditional Apple wall charger. Since I like to keep my devices on a nightstand by my bed, it was great to be able to free up an extra wall outlet by switching to using the DoubleUp, that will now allow me to plug in an additional reading lamp instead.

11Though this product is great, there is a few downfalls. First off, the MSRP at $49 is realistically too much for what I'd pay for. I believe if the device came with two extra charging cables it would make that price a bit more reasonable, but for just the DoubleUp alone $49 is a bit overpriced in my opinion. Luckily, most online retailers are selling it for around $40 which is more reasonable considering you can't find any other products offering two 2.1 amp USB charging ports built into a small and elegant package like the DoubleUp. Apple does sell single port 12-watt USB chargers for $19 a piece so instead of buying two of those, it makes more sense to buy a Double Up through Amazon. Another issue you might have is the size. Though the DoubleUp looks cosmetically appealing, the overall size is a great deal bulkier than a standard Apple charger. Also, it is not all that practical if you are trying to use it on a traditional power strip as in most cases you will likely have to deal with the DoubleUp taking up multiple free outlets due to its size and orientation.

Overall, I found the Kanex DoubleUp to be a useful product that is well designed and visually appealing. If you are willing to pay the premium price (keep an eye out for lower prices on retailers like Amazon) then this product will provide you with fast & efficient charging power for two iOS devices while only requiring one wall outlet. I can guarantee you will not find a competing product that will provide the same performance, features, and build quality that the DoubleUp harnesses. I do recommend buying a DoubleUp for any prospective buyers who own multiple devices and are looking to save space and condense their charging accessories.

Thanks to Kanex for providing us with a sample DoubleUp in order to make this review possible.