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Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Tripod Review

The Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Tripod provides increased stability for an affordable price.

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If you are looking to take quality video footage using a tripod will ensure your shots stay smooth and free from the inevitable shakiness that handheld recording will bring. There are two main types of tripods with one being designed for photo use and the other is designed for video use. Unfortunately, due to more robust build materials and complex fluid heads, video tripods are often expensive and hard to afford for the typical consumer. The Ravelli AVTP video tripod breaks this mold and provides a durable, well-performing video tripod at a price that falls into many consumer's budgets.

Cosmetic Appeal, Design, & Build Quality

The Ravelli AVTP video tripod is appealing to the eye and oozes a professional vibe wherever I bring it. I have gotten plenty of compliments while using it for paid gigs and I believe it helps boost my reputation and creditability as my customers see me with gear that looks expensive and professional rather than a cheap old $30 Walmart tripod. If you want to fit the part of a professional videographer in your client's eyes this product is definitely capable of it.

The build quality is impressive considering the affordable price. All of the components are sturdy and durable without containing any pieces that feel cheaply made. The legs are made of high-grade aluminum with knobs for length adjustments. On the other hand, the fluid head and quick release plate are made of titanium. The tripod is heavy and this is both a positive and a negative. It is positive in the fact that it is hefty enough to stay stable even with significant winds and is very hard to topple over by accident. It is a disadvantage for on the go use or to travel with since it it is a pain to lug around for long distances and the weight does negatively affect the portability factor.


This tripod is highly adjustable and comes with some great features. The 3-segment interlocking crutch type legs extend fully to provide a maximum operating height of 54.5″ (4.54 ft). The maximum weight load of an equipped camera is 27lbs leaving you plenty of support for those heavy lenses, video lights, battery grips, and other accessories. The fluid head allows for a full 360 degrees of pan rotation and 180 degrees of total tilt.

Each of the three legs has rubber feet that can be adjusted to any surface and have hidden metal spikes in the middle that can be exposed to help keep stability even on elements such as snow, ice, or dirt. The included carrying case is of high quality and allows you to strap the tripod in place to keep for secure transport. What was a huge surprise to me was that the item shipped with a free tabletop tripod that had its own carrying bag. Though this tripod's quality is fairly poor it was a nice freebie that I could put to use at some point I'm sure. I am unaware if this freebie is offered to all buyers or if it were some sort of promotion at my time of purchase.


The tripod's performance is exceptional and very satisfying from a consumer standpoint. The stability and adjustability match competitors that are double or even triple the retail price. I use it regularly with my DSLR video setup which has a battery grip, video light, and aftermarket lens which pushes over the total weight to around the 10lb mark without any issues or concerns. The fluid head works well, but if not adjusted properly it can be a bit tight to maneuver in a panning motion though with some fiddling it will loosen up. The Ravelli AVTP video tripod in conjunction with the indiSLIDERmini is a real winning combo that is easy to set up using the provided quick release plate. In terms of comparison to video tripods in the same price range, this product is far superior.

Final Thoughts

The Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Tripod is a professional-level product at a consumer-level price. It features extreme durability, an impressive set of features as well as excellent handling and performance. I do recommend buying this product and I personally use it as my primary tripod for video use. If you are looking for a quality video tripod at an affordable price that is built to last then this is the right product for you.