indiSLIDERmini Deluxe Camera Slider Review

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$99 to $275
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  • indiSLIDERmini Deluxe Camera Slider
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The affordable indiSLIDERmini gives amateur videographers a creative new way to shoot video.


Achieving those professional cinematic shots you see in all the movies and tv shows are often achieved using extra equipment such as a slider or glide track. Traditionally sliders such as these are large, bulky, and expensive. This is not the case anymore since a company called IndiSystem has released their own slider called the indiSLIDERmini. It works like a regular glide track except it is portable and much smaller than traditional sliders. The price also is more consumer friendly with the various models of the indiSLIDERmini ranging from $99-$275.

The design is very simple with only a few parts coming together to comprise the product. The build material is light, but durable enough where it does not feel like it is going to break easily. The product did come with some noticeable scuffs and slight dings in the base of the slider which wasn't something I liked to see, but it did not have any effect on the use of the product whatsoever. The legs needed to be attached using the screws provided and the pistol grip handle needed to be screwed into the base. It is an easy assembly process and likely will not need to be dismantled in the future.

Like a tripod the camera attaches to the slider via a quick release plate. Once attached it is extremely secure and there is no wiggle to it. The slider glides along the 2 foot track fairly well with the exception of a couple of times were it got caught up mid slide due to the way we were handling the pistol grip. If you keep your hand loose on the pistol grip and pull at a consistent speed this should not be an issue. I highly recommend getting the deluxe version as I believe it will be very difficult to get a smooth consistent slide without having the ability to use the pistol grip's handle. Below is a test I did several months ago just showcasing the type of shots I was able to capture using the indieSLIDERmini.

A neat feature about the indieSLIDERmini is that due to its lightweight design as well as the tripod mount on the bottom of the slider you are able to attach it directly to a fluid head tripod which gives it a vast amount of different shooting angle possibilities. Keep in mind you  will likely need a heavy duty video tripod in order to handle the weight of your camera combined with the slider.

Overall, this slider is one of the best in the price range. If you have a higher budget then you might want to look in a slider that is longer than 2 feet. An example of this would be the Glidetrack Shooter SD that has an extra foot of track. If you are an up and coming filmmaker on a budget who is looking to get those professional and cool looking shots you see on TV, movies, and in music videos then this is likely the right product for your needs.

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