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How To Use 3rd Party LUTs In Final Cut Pro X (FCP X)

Having just made the transition from Adobe's Premiere Pro CC to Apple's Final Cut Pro X NLE, I have had to get used to a lot of changes. While there is some built-in LUT (Look Up Table) support within FCP X, there isn't the native ability to add your own LUTS like in Premiere Pro CC's Lumetri color panel.

Since I'm shooting primarily with an FS7 in sLog3, I am almost always relying on a custom Rec 709 LUT based on ARRI's Log profile. Final Cut offers some stock sLog3 LUTs, but they are a bit too contrasty and saturated for my taste. I decided I needed to find a way to import my custom LUT as well as my set of DELUTS by James Miller so the search for an appropriate plugin began.

Unfortunately, the lack of native support means you will purchase a third-party plugin. The bright side is that I found an excellent standalone option called ‘LUT Utility‘ sold by Color Grading Central which is offered at a reasonable price of just $29.

While the plugin is rather simple in execution, it solves the problem by offers a quick and easy option for applying a third-party LUT as well as the ability to manipulate the intensity of an applied LUT.

To purchase get started with LUT Utility, visit this link. For those of you that are on the fence and unsure if it is the right plugin for your needs, there is a free trial offered that allows you to sample the functionality while showing a watermark until you purchase.