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How To Get A Free Nissan GTR (Elergy RH8) In GTA V Online

GTA Online has finally got the majority of the bugs worked out and players from around the globe are able to race around the open-world environment in cars, bikes, boats, or planes as they see fit. Now, I see many complaints on the online forums and message boards from players who can't seem to find a fast vehicle to make their personal car mainly due to the limitations set by Rockstar on the high-end luxury models whom handle the best.

Luckily, Rockstar had rewarded every player who signs up for their Social Club with a free Elergy RH8 which is a vehicle based on the real life Nissan GTR. In order to be eligible to receive the free sports car you need to visit the Social Club website, create an account (if you haven't already), and link your account to your Xbox Live gamertag. Once you have done that, follow the steps below and your online character will be enjoying a cruise in their new GTR!

Step #1: Log Into Your GTA Online Character

Step #2: Make Sure You Purchase Or Already Own Property With Garage Space

Step #3: Pull Out Your Smartphone & Open Up Your Internet Browser

Step #4: Choose The “Money And Services” Tab


Step #4: Choose ‘'


Step #5: Scroll Down & Click On ‘Elergy RH8' (Left Side)


Step #6: Choose Your Color Choice Then Click ‘Order'


Step #7: Look For The Order Confirmation Notification


Step #8: Wait For The Delivery Confirmation Notification


Step #9: Visit Your Garage & Find Your New GTR!