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3 Places To Digitally Rent Movies Or TV Show Episodes Online

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Times have changed dramatically over the past 5 years especially when it comes to entertainment. Gone are the days where you had to drive to your local video rental store and rent a DVD or VHS tape. The digital age has come and you can now access virtually any popular movie and TV show title from the comfort of your own home without the need to waste any extra time or money.

The three options below all offer a wide variety of video content that can be rented for a low rate and flexible terms:


Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is one of the most well-known online sources for renting video content and their library is full of popular titles. Amazon Instant Video caters to both HD and SD viewing depending on your setup although the HD option is priced slightly higher. The standard rental agreement with Amazon offers 30-day window to watch the title although you are only given a 24-48 hour period of access after starting to watch the content. Another advantage to Amazon's Instant Video library is their ever-changing selection of $1.99 rentals.
Click To Browse Amazon Instant Video's Full Rental Library



Vudu is a popular video streaming service that offers a variety of popular movies and TV shows for digital rental. Their pricing is very reasonable and they usually offer titles in 480p standard definition, 720p high definition, and 1080p high definition. The Vudu service is accessible via your laptop, tablet, smartphone, Roku, PS3, or Xbox 360.
Click To Browse Vudu's Full Rental Library


iTunes Store

Apple offers digital rentals of top movies and TV shows via their iTunes Store. While their selection isn't as vast as Amazon's it still comes in use especially when you're interested when you're renting a particular title to watch via your iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer. This is typically the last place I look when renting if the other two resources above don't have the particular title I'm looking for.
Click To Browse iTunes' Full Rental Library


Honorable Mention: Netflix

Netflix doesn't fall within the digital rental market as it is more of an online streaming service that offers unlimited access to their library for one flat rate. The service offers affordable pricing, an easy to use interface, and a wide variety of popular TV show and movie titles within its library. Netflix is one of my favorite entertainment services by far and the $7.99/month subscription costs pays for itself when you have instant access to full seasons of House Of Cards, Breaking Bad, Lost, Prison Break, and much more.
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  • Dear Colt,

    First of all, what a great name! Colt Agar. Then, I have a Prime Membership with Amazon which I’ve continued using after I left Netflix Streaming service thinking I’d save some money from the actual rentals. But the truth is that I’ve noticed the best movies are to be RENTED and not streamed or accessed through Prime. For example, I wanted to watch “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” and it’s not in Netflix streaming or Prime. So I wonder how good is it to have these memberships if the most interesting movies are not to be streamed but one has to wait for the DVD or rent them at $2.99 a piece as in Amazon. Netflix Streaming or Prime just have the 3 and 1/2 stars type of movies. Of course, I live in the Caribbean so Netflix takes ages to send DVDs. By the time they get here, I watch them, and return them…even the 8-movie limit per month is long gone. So I end up watching only 3 or 4 per month because of the snail mail. It ends up being much more expensive.. :/

    Anyway, thanks for your article and I’ll look at the iTunes Store.

    Kind regards from the all-year-round-80-degrees beach island (that I can’t complain about!),


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