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Roundup: 7 Of The Best Video Tripods Priced Under $200

Investing in a reliable video tripod lets you achieve shake-free stationary shots, smooth pans/tilts and keeps your precious camera out of harm's way. In the following article, I'll be touching upon 7 of the best camera tripods priced under $200 and are specifically designed for use with video. I'd recommend checking out each tripod's product page (linked for your convenience) to determine which option best suits your individual needs and budget. All models on this list will work with a DSLR camera, but if you are using a heavier cinema or video camera you may need a more premium model.


Tiffen Davis & Sanford ProVista 7518

The ProVista 7518 by Tiffen Davis and Sanford offers a rigid design and high weight potential without a hefty price tag. The legs feature a 3-section, double-strut design that supports up to 25 lbs. As for the fluid head, it features a quick-release plate and an 18lb weight limit which is enough to cater to virtually any DSLR camera and most modern camcorders.
MSRP: $149.99
Product Page: B&H PhotoAmazon


Benro Video Tripod Kit

Benro has established a solid reputation in the photo and video world with their quality accessories at affordable prices. Their $195 video tripod kit can support camera setups up to 11 lbs and is extendable up to 60 inches. By utilizing retractable rubber feet that house steel spikes, the Benro Video tripod can be used on practically any terrain.
MSRP: $195.00
Product Page: B&H Photo


Bescor TH-770

The TH-770 by Bescor is a solid entry-level video tripod option with a price-tag of $115 and a 15lb weight capacity. It is one of the best-selling video tripods on B&H and is currently discounted to under $100 until next week (ends November 1st, 2014) so act fast if you want to take advantage of the savings.
MSRP: $114.95
Product Page: B&H Photo


Ravelli AVTP Professional

Ravelli's AVTP Professional model was the first video tripod that I ever purchased, and it is still being used as my backup video tripod to this day. The design and build quality offers excellent value for the price although the dual handled fluid head is not as smooth as a more expensive head like my Manfrotto's 502HD. However, the Manfrotto is almost $50 more for just the head, so the AVTP's price is hard to beat. 
Product Page: Amazon


Magnus VT-4000

Mangus's VT-4000 is a sturdy tripod comprised of anodized aluminum legs matched with a two-way fluid head. It is adjustable from 27.6 inches all the way up to 59 inches although the rated weight limit is only 8.8lbs. While this is suitable for most beginner videographers, it may not be adequate should you decide to upgrade to a bigger and better camera in the future.
MSRP: $149.95
Product Page: B&H Photo


VariZoom VS-TK75A

The VariZoom VS-TK75A is one of the most expensive options within this article, but also one of the highest in customer ratings. This model offers a mid-level spreader for increased stability as well as rubberized feet that cater to both indoor and outside environments. If your camera rig is under 10lbs, the VS-TK75A might just be the right video tripod for your needs.
MSRP: $159.95
Product Page: B&H Photo



Slik 504QF-II

With a price tag under $130, the Slik 504QF-II is a solid beginner video tripod. It can handle up to 11lbs and extends from 18.5″ all the way up to 60.6″. Unlike the other models listed in this article, you can adjust the angle of the legs thus retaining a very low-profile, stable shot if the situation calls for it. It also is one of the lightest video tripods weighing in at just under 6lbs, so it is ideal for hikers or frequent travelers.
MSRP: $129.95
Product Page: B&H Photo

Have a favorite video tripod that falls within the sub-$200 price range that didn't make the list? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section below so other readers can benefit.