The world around us is quickly becoming immersed in technology and our systems for communication have had to adapt to these changes thus producing the need for new, smarter ways of going about the traditional processes. One of the areas that has been affected greatly is the faxing industry. Up until a few years ago, faxing was very popular method of communication and it was very common for a business to invest in an expensive fax machine (plus toner, paper, etc.) as well as separate fax line so they could receive faxes without any interruptions.

Now that the amount of faxing has decreased dramatically and more businesses are relying on communication through email, the cost of maintaining a traditional fax line as well as dealing with the upkeep of a traditional fax machine can become costly and time-consuming.

Thankfully, there are several online services currently on the market who have taken the traditional idea of faxing and revamped it to include electronic faxing over the Internet in which you can send and receive faxes virtually with no extra hassles to deal with.

In this article, I'll touch of 6 of the most popular online faxing services below and I recommend clicking through to each of their websites to read up on their features and pricing so you can help decide which service is the best fit for your specific needs. Additionally, all of the services listed below offer free trial period which I'd highly recommend taking advantage of as it allows the opportunity to test out the service's functionality first without putting any money on the line.



eFax is one of the most popular online faxing options and it is also the sister company to eVoice, a virtual phone system designed for small business use. For the price, they allow a significant volume of fax sending and receiving which can save you a great deal of money over time especially if you're relying on faxing on an everyday basis. They offer competitive features like 24/7 customer support, fax previews, lifetime storage space, the option to bring an existing fax number to eFax, mobile device support and much more.
Mobile Support: Yes (Android and iOS)
Pricing: eFax Plus – $16.95/month ($10 setup fee), eFax Pro – $19.95/month ($19.95 setup fee), Free 30 Day Trial Available



RapidFax is another popular option that is cheaper and geared more towards home use over use in a small business. The feature set is less advanced, but the $9.95/month pricing with no setup fee is a large attraction to many consumers. Unlike eFax, it seems you cannot transfer your existing fax number to the service and it also issues storage fees for faxes kept on the system over 30 days so you'll need to delete unneeded faxes after your 30 days are up.
Mobile Support: No
Pricing: $9.95/month (no setup fee), Free 30 Day Trial Available



MyFax is an affordable online faxing service who goes by the motto tagline “faxing simplified. anytime. anywhere.” For $10 per month, they offer 100 sent and 200 receives fax pages, free setup, and no longterm commitments. There is a free MyFax app for the iPhone which allows you to send and receive faxes while on the go. MyFax boasts a client list that includes FedEx, Century 21, Sprint, the American Red Cross, the Yellow Pages, Dell, Allstate, and USA Today.
Mobile Support: Yes (iPhone only)
Pricing: $10/month (no setup fee), Free 30 Day Trial Available



RingCentral is geared for small business and office use offering a plethora of services including virtual phone systems and faxing services. You can sign up for their fax service separately in which they offer three tiers to cater your faxing needs. You can choose from toll-free or local fax numbers, send/receive faxes as email, and it is secure so your faxing documents will always be transmitted over an encrypted connection. RingCentral's fax service also offers Box and Microsoft Outlook integration.
Mobile Support: Yes (iPhone, Android, & BlackBerry)
Pricing: $7.99/month (Fax 500), $12.99 (Fax 1000), $49.99 (Fax 2500), Free 30 Day Trial Available


Nextiva vFax

Nextiva's vFax service is an affordable option for many small businesses and it offers some advanced features that you won't find in competitors. The service works off a “fax by email” model, but you also have the option to buy their proprietary Nextiva Fax Bridge ($150 extra) which gives virtual faxing capabilities to your traditional fax machine (allows both sending and receiving). There are no setup fees or  longterm contracts and the pricing starts at $4.95 a month. With vFax there is no PC required, it is always on (never busy), supports existing number transfers, and you can start a fax directly from a Microsoft software such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
Mobile Support: Yes, faxing can be done via email with mobile devices (no app required)
Pricing: $4.95/month (500 Pages), $12.95 (1000 Pages), $29.95 (3000 Pages), Free 30 Day Trial Available



sFax has been around since 1998 and offers a variety of plans to fit businesses of all sizes. The most unique component of the sfax service  is their $36/year plan offers a combined 150 pages of fax sending/receiving over the course of the year for a single flat rate. If you exceed this 150 page quota, you'll be charged another $36 and receive 150 more page credits. This is ideal for someone who doesn't fax much, but wants to have the option ready for those rare cases where they will need it. Aside from this plan, they offer the standard monthly rates with the typical page quotas although these tend to be priced higher than most of the competing services listed above.
Mobile Support: Yes (iOS & Android support)
Pricing: $9/month (solo), $15/month (basic), $29/month (standard), $49/month (Plus), $99/month (Contender), $159/month (Pro), Free 14 Day Trial Available