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3 Places To Buy A Chromakey Green Screen For Photography Or Video Use

Are you interested in buying a chromakey green screen for photography or video use? Some places will try and charge an arm and leg in order to get your hands on a compatible screen, but it doesn't have to be that way! Check out three of the most affordable places online to purchase a quality green screen below:

Option #1:

Amazon has a huge selection of quality green screens to fit virtually anyone's needs. They offer sizes as small as 6 x 9 feet and as large as 10 x 24 feet for those of you who need a larger backdrop for bigger scenes. The vast majority of these items ship free of charge for Amazon Prime Members as well as non Prime members due to ‘Free Super Saver Shipping'.

Option #2:

Newegg is known for their quality products and affordable prices. They have an assortment of chromakey green screen backdrops and also offer blue screen backdrops if that is something you'd be interested in. All but one of the current models being sold has free shipping.

Option #3:

EBay allows third party retailers to sell their goods in the eBay marketplace often for discount prices. You can find a wide assortment of green screen options here just be sure to verify the seller has excellent feedback before purchasing.