Stardock ObjectDock Review – Add A Mac Style Dock To Your Windows PC

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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Stardock's ObjectDock software adds a Mac style dock to your Windows operating system.

Want the same dock functionality that you'd find on a Mac computer while you're using a Windows PC? You're in luck as it is very easy to implement via the ObjeckDock, a piece of software developed by the same company who makes Start8. It retails for an affordable price tag of $4.99, but offers a free 30-day trial so you can get a chance to test out the software before purchasing. The ObjectDock software is available for download via the Stardock website.

I signed up for the 30-day trial and decided to review my experience using the ObjectDock software on my Windows 8 OS that is running off Parallels Desktop 8. The sign-up and download process was simple, especially since the software's size is small. Installation was a breeze and there was no special configuration needed on my end.

Once it finished installing, the ObjectDock appeared loaded with default programs that were already installed within my copy of Windows 8. Though this included things like Internet Explorer (which I obviously never use), it wasn't a problem as I was unable to remove and replace these docked programs by simply right clicking and choosing the “Unpin this program from dock” option. In order to add a program to the dock, all I need to do is drag the program icon or shortcut directly into the dock just like you would do in the Mac OS.

Besides the main dock you see at the bottom of the screen by default, there is a secondary dock that appears at the top of your screen. This gives you the ability to use a “tabbed” dock which is perfect for insert groups of similar programs, documents, links, or other items. You can change the tab names, order, colors, and positions with ease. This secondary dock can be easily added or removed by only a few clicks within the ObjectDock settings. Both docks are fully customizable allowing you to tinker with their appearance, function, and attributes to your specific liking.

This includes the ability to move the primary dock from the default bottom position to the top or on either side of your screen. I found this movement to be necessary as my taskbar is already present causing the bottom of my screen to look a bit cramped. By placing the dock to the right of my screen, I am able to pin my most used programs like Photoshop, Sony Vegas, & Google Chrome for easy access at all times without cluttering up my traditional Windows taskbar.

If for some reason you want multiple primary or secondary style docks on your screen, you can do so. Each type of dock can be added multiple times to satisfy any consumer's specific docking configuration. If you want to make your ObjectDock look even more like a Mac dock, you can download custom skins built by the WinCustomize community.

From a performance standpoint, the ObjectDock worked flawlessly. The transitions and animations are as smooth as glass with no noticeable glitches or hiccups that disrupted my dock experience. Adding this type of dock functionality was something I never desired on Windows, but now having experienced it, I am impressive with how useful and practical the ObjectDock can really be. Stardock does an excellent job making little pieces of software that can tweak the Windows OS to become more beneficial to the users and ObjectDock is no exception.

In the end, I found Stardock's ObjectDock software to be a real winner providing an easy way to add a Mac style dock to your Windows PC. It was simple to install, configure, and customize that practically any user can figure it out. The price tag is very affordable and the performance is top-notch. I highly recommend the ObjectDock to any prospective buyers and suggest giving the 30-day trial a try if you're still undecided!