SnappyCam Pro Review – Fastest iOS Camera App Ever

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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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SnappyCam Pro is a “professional” camera app for your iOS device capable of 20fps burst shooting.

The cameras within iOS devices today (such as in the iPhone 5) are now more powerful than most expensive digital cameras 5 or so years ago. With this advanced technology packed into such a small portable device, the consumer photography market has been changed dramatically. On top of the excellent hardware the iPhone possesses, developers have made excellent strides in terms of software to support and improve the native camera. One in particular is called SnappyCam Pro which is advertised as a “professional high-speed camera that's super easy to use. It's like a DSLR, but costs less than a cup of coffee”. Let's put it to the test and see how it really performs.

SnappyCam Pro is currently available via the iOS App Store for the price of $0.99 which is a relatively common for iOS camera apps and reasonably priced. The app advertises many core features that excel over the native iOS camera app including 20fps full resolution burst capabilities, high-speed zoom, multiple aspect ratios, easy exporting (including Instagram support), infinite and continuous shooting modes, and full Exif tagging. Judging from these advertised features, this seems to be an impressive array of features to boost the existing iOS camera to the next level especially at such a low price tag.

After messing around with the application, I have established some clear opinions about the app. First off, I think the user interface is well constructed with an appealing design and it is easy to use. There are a lot of useful options which you have access to on the backend including the ability to choose from multiple photo grids, aspect ratios, burst speeds and FOV settings as well as the ability to enable/disable geo-tagging, volume shutter, and sound effects. I found the combination of the interface and the choice of in-depth settings to be an excellent combination that I would expect in a quality camera app.

When it came down to performance, I was truly surprised to see the 20fps burst mode actually work as advertised. How are they able to accomplish this? Here is their wording on the matter:

It took 12 months of R&D for us to reinvent JPEG image processing on iPhone to bring you an unrivaled image signal processing engine so you can take high-speed and high-resolution photos that rival DSLRs at 1/1000th of the price.

On iPhone 5, SnappyCam shoots 8Mpx shots at an incredible 20 pictures/sec. Up to 12 pictures/sec at 8Mpx on iPhone 4S. That's 3-6x faster than every other camera app on the planet, across every smartphone device and platform, not just iOS.

Don't be fooled by other apps that turn a low quality 0.3Mpx video into a still-image photo, or take full resolution shots at a snail's pace.

As surprising as this sounds, it truly does shoot full 8MP photos at 20fps which allowed me to capture the action shots below:

Now each shot can be exported to your photos app, email, or Instagram by only clicking a few buttons. This was a nice touch since most photo apps do not include Instagram support. Coupled with the 1:1 (square) aspect ratio option, you can shoot perfect Instagram photos with ease.

Now SnappyCam's App Store page boasts a “digital zoom at up to 6.0x magnification. Unlike other apps, we provide pixel-perfect lossless zoom that's blazingly fast.” I did some testing and found the magnification to be at an increased level, but the quality did not depict the “pixel-perfect lossless zoom” that I anticipated as the image did become pixelated just as the standard iOS camera app did. I did some comparison shots using the my iPhone 5 inside a HitCase Pro mounted on a tripod so each shot is lined up identical to one another. The only difference is I switched between the native iOS Camera app and the SnappyCam Pro app to capture the shots below.

Native iOS Camera App vs. SnappyCam Pro App Comparison


In the end, I found the SnappyCam App to be an excellent mobile app that takes the native iOS camera and pushes it to a whole new level. The burst shooting capabilities are astonishing, but the advertised “pixel-perfect lossless zoom” was a bit disappointing throughout my testing. Since the SnappyCam Pro app is priced so low, I would still recommend it to any prospective buyers, who want to use their iOS camera in a more professional manner and capture stunning action shots with ease.