Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer Mac App Review

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  • Memory Booster Mac App
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  • Last modified: May 26, 2019
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The Memory Booster Mac app is an easy way to get more performance out of your existing RAM.


There are many different applications found within Apple's App Store that are supposed to magically increase your computer's performance whether it is a boost in speed or improved battery life. Today, I'm going to take a quick look at one of these applications called ‘Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer‘ which can be found in the App Store for a retail price of $1.99. The app boasts the ability to “quickly free of memory and boost performance on your Mac's applications”. Let's cut to the chase and see if this application is the real deal of just a gimmick to make money.

The installation of this app is as simple as any other so there is no confusing setup necessary and is suitable for all types of users. The interface is easy to use, but there isn't all that much to it and you won't find any advanced features. It seems the sole purpose of this app is to clean up & optimize your RAM using only one click of a button and for the $1.99 price tag that seems reasonable.

Now is where I put this app to the test on my personal 15″ Retina Macbook Pro running 16 GB of RAM. Before running the program, my stats were showing at 12.28 GB of free memory and 3.71 GB of used memory. I clicked the ‘clean memory' button and it took about a minute and a half to finish the cleaning process. When it was completed, I found I did gain some additional free memory as my computer now showed of 12.48 GB memory and 3.52 GB of used memory. Therefore by running this program, I gained around 204 MB of RAM to utilize for other applications.Now personally, I was not all that impressed as there was no significant gain to warrant the $2 price tag. I do realize in my case 200 MB of gained memory isn't huge as I have 16 GB of usable RAM to work with. For some of you that only have 2 GB or 4 GB  of memory, you might be happy with these results.

Here is where this review is going to be the most valuable to you, so pay attention! If you're one of these people who still wants to purchase this app and the performance gain above appeals to your situation, I highly suggest that you don't and for good reason. This is because the ‘Memory Booster' application is just using a standard Mac command called ‘Purge' to free up RAM and virtually anyone can run this command for free and get the same benefits. Sure, it might take a bit more work on your part as you have to open the terminal and type in a command, but if you can save money and get the same results, it just makes sense. To learn how to successfully run the ‘Purge' command on your own machine, check out this tutorial on OSXDaily.

In the end, the Memory Booster app was a big disappointment as it is charging consumers to “optimize” their computers when all it is doing is running a stock Mac terminal command that anyone can do themselves free of charge. Overall, I would not suggest this app as I believe it is a waste of money when you can quickly and easily run the command for yourself free of charge. 

If you still want to download the Memory Booster Mac application you can do so right here. For those looking for a real Mac cleaner software then check out our CleanMyMac X review.