MacPaw Gemini: The Duplicate Finder Mac App Review

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  • MacPaw Gemini: The Duplicate Finder Mac App
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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MacPaw Gemini is a Mac app that scans your machine and locates any duplicate files for easy removal.


Tired of duplicate files cluttering your Apple computer and causing it to perform sluggishly? Have no fear this is a simple software solution to this issue and it can be bought for under $10. The people at MacPaw have developed a Mac app called Gemini: The Duplicate Finder and it is available for download in the Mac App Store. Currently priced at $9.99, the app will scan a folder of your choice and when finished present all the duplicate files allowing you to choose whether or not to delete them individually.

I found the interface easy to use and appealing to the eye. While the program functions it spits out little funny lines like “Yikes, almost tired…” or “Wow, it looks like somebody knew I'll scan everything and cleaned out all the duplicates instead of me!”. Though this has no effect on performance some of them were humorous and lightened my mood. You can choose from any of your folders to scan for duplicates so it is possible to choose a smaller folder such as a folder full of homework or one as large as your downloads folder. The scanning process is quick and efficient which is satisfying as no one wants to sit around all day waiting for the scanning process to complete.

When I tested the program I chose to scan my downloads folder which at the current time was full of 16.6 GB worth of previously downloaded files. After the scanning process was complete, Gemini found 2.69 GB worth of duplicate files! This means over 16% of my downloads folder was made up of duplicate files. I was then able to check each of the duplicate files that I wanted to remove and leave the ones I wanted to keep unchecked.

Some issues with Gemini is that I found it was flagging two files with the same name, but different content inside. This could be an issue for someone who has two separate folders with the same file names in it, but each file is unique. Another potential issue I saw was that it wanted to delete a duplicate of a file found in two different WordPress themes. In this case I did have a duplicate, but it was necessary as each theme requires the file so deleting it would render one of the themes useless the next time I tried to install it. This is a warning that you should be paying attention to where the files are located and making sure you aren't deleting important files carelessly if you are to use this program yourself.

Overall, Gemini does what it is intended to do and efficiently scans folders and notifies you of the duplicates. In order to use the program effectively you should be careful when choosing which duplicate files to remove as it is possible to delete files you actually do need pretty easily. If you take your time reviewing the duplicate file results then chances are you can save yourself some serious disk space in the process. I do recommend this program for someone whose computer is cluttered with unorganized files and folders, but be sure to use caution and do not rush the process.