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CleanMyPc Review

MacPaw CleanMyPC Review

CleanMyPC is the PC sibling to MacPaw's award-winning CleanMyMac 3 optimization software.

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When it comes to routine PC maintenance, the average consumer is not all that knowledge as to what should be done to keep their machine running smoothly. While there are some quality software on the market (CCleaner) available for free many are gimmicky to try and get you to spend money on expensive software or are too complicated to understand for the average user.

In the past, we’ve reviewed a Mac maintenance software called CleanMyMac X by a company called MacPaw, and they are known to make excellent optimization software at an affordable price that are safe to use on any personal computer.

Today, we are going to take a look at CleanMyPC, the sibling software to its Mac counterpart with all the bells and whistles you’ll need for clearing up unnecessary space and optimizing your Windows machine for extended use.

Pricing Model

MacPaw has set up a simple pricing model for CleanMyPC which offers a free version for testing purposes then an affordable license should you decide it is the right software for your needs.

Anyone can download CleanMyPC for free via the MacPaw website. This free version will scan your PC in its entirety although it will only allow cleaning of up to 500MB of unnecessary files. Most people who need a proper cleanup of their machine will have several gigabytes (sometimes a great deal more) that is taking up unnecessary space so you’ll need to purchase a premium license to take care of this.

Those looking to utilize CleanMyPC on a single machine can opt for the $39.95 solo license, but MacPaw also offers discounted pricing for bulk orders with a two-PC license option at $59.95 and a family license (good for up to five PCs) for $99.95. Unlike CleanMyMac, CleanMyPC is not available in MacPaw's Setapp subscription due to the lack of Windows operating system support.


Design & User Interface

One of the aspects that I loved so much about CleanMyMac X was its sleek interface which had a modern feel that was also very practical when it came to user interaction. Unfortunately, this elegant design was not ported to the PC counterpart, but the resulting UI is relatively decent.


The interface is organized neatly into multiple sections for easy navigation. The top section deals with the removal of unnecessary files and data on your PC so you can regain valuable space on your hard drive. All of the bottom sections are utilities, each organized within a dedicated tab.


My Computer

The first ‘My Computer’ tab should be the most-used section of the CleanMyPC software and where you’ll be able to remove most of the excess data.

All you need to do is initiate the ‘Scan’ button, and the software will automatically search through your machine looking for unnecessary or unused files that are taking up storage and flag them for removal.

This includes things like Windows errors, junk files, caches, data logs, temporary files and files you may have already tried to delete who are still sitting in the Recycle Bin.


The second ‘hibernation’ tab is an excellent tool for those working on a desktop PC. The reason for this is that machines that remain stationary typically do not utilize the Hibernation feature within Windows, so you are wasting valuable disk space when leaving this function enabled.

Microsoft has integrated support for “hibernation” mode within all modern Windows OS, and it is a power-saving state designed primarily for use with laptops.

Unlike “Sleep” mode which saves your computer’s state in memory and still draws power, hibernation saves your computer’s state to your hard disk then shuts off your computer’s resources thus drawing the minimal amount of power possible while not in use.

For those looking to pick up this software for use with a desktop PC, this feature is unnecessary and can help regain significant storage space benefits should we decide to disable it.

CleanMyPC allows a one-click disable of the hibernation file, and this can save you more than 10GB of storage without any extra work or confusion.

Registry Maintenance

Many readers are likely familiar with the registry which runs in the backend of the Windows OS. A clean, organized registry is ideal for proper PC performance, so this tab is dedicated to searching for errors, mistakes, or empty registry values and correcting them with a simple click.

Complete Uninstall

If you’ve ever accidentally downloaded a spammy software or bloatware while surfing the web, you know how much of a pain it can be to remove it. On the other hand, you may just have found yourself installing far too many games or software on your PC to the point where your hard drive is becoming full, yet you have plenty of unused applications that you’d like to remove.

With this tab, you can choose from the programs currently installed on your machine and initiate an uninstall. The benefit of this CleanMyPC is that it will first run through the original uninstaller software bundled from the manufacturer. While this will get rid of the majority of the original data, often it is not very efficient in the removal of each program's files and will end up leaving remnants of the software on your PC without you realizing it.

For this reason, CleanMyPC will do a second step which is scanning your machine for any leftover files associated with the application that has been uninstalled and remove them.

Gadgets & Extension Manager

I am not someone who likes to use Gadgets in Windows, but I am a big fan of third-party extensions for the Chrome browser. This section will scan for any Windows Gadgets or plugins/extensions for your installed web browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) and allow you to pick and choose which you wish to remove. This can be helpful in a malware situation as corruptive software can get installed through your browser’s plugins and can be a pain to locate them manually for removal.


This is a rather common feature that simplifies the process of running MSConfig to pick and choose which software you want to boot up with your Windows OS when your computer is turned on.

The more software you have enabled, the slower your PC will boot and perform. This is one the largest trouble areas I see when doing freelance PC consultations and most people never realize they have 25 different software set to boot and run in the background at all times when they only ever use 7 of these programs.

Privacy Guard

I do not see a huge need for this feature, but Privacy Guard is CleanMyPC’s way of allowing you to remove things like your Windows history or browser cache, cookies, history, or authorization in a quick and efficient manner all from a single screen.

Secure Erase

If you’ve ever stored sensitive files or data on your PC, the potential for these files to be recovered after wiping your computer or selling it to someone else is a real problem in the high-tech world of today.

With this feature, you can simply choose a file or folder that you’d like to erase permanently. The software will then remove it to the point where it can never be restored or recovered using a third party data recovery software. It does this by rewriting the files with zeroes up to three times and then removing it so any recoverable data will be invalid.

CleanMyPC Versus CCleaner Free

I’ve always been a fan of a free cleanup and optimization software called ‘CCleaner Free’ so I was curious to see how CleanMyPC stacked up against it regarding features and performance. While I’ll save the performance for the next section, I’ll do my best to compare them although it is worth noting that many of these features are offered in both.

CleanMyPC has the advantage of the one-click hibernation disable, a huge advantage as you can regain a significant portion of your hard drive in just a single click. The complete uninstall tool within CleanMyPC differs from that in the CCleaner Free as it goes the extra step to search for files or folders left behind after the stock uninstall process is complete whereas CCleaner just utilizes the default install process.

CCleaner Free does not offer a way to disable the hibernation function, but it does have an advantage with tools like a disk analyzer, duplicate finder, and system restore function. CCleaner Free offers a “drive wiper” tool which is similar to the Secure Erase function within CleanMyPC although it requires you to erase the entire hard drive rather than a simple file or folder.


I’ve had CleanMyPC running on my old work computer and now gaming rig for the past couple of months. It is not a piece of software that I utilize daily, but I run it once a week as part of my regular maintenance regimen to keep my machine running smoothly.

Since installing CleanMyPC, it has removed just under 52GB of excess files and fixed countless issues with my registry as I am frequently adding and removing new pieces of software for review purposes as well as my own personal use.

CleanMyPC Versus CCleaner Free

Given that I hadn’t run any maintenance software on my PC for a few weeks, I thought it’d be a good idea to scan and compare both results to see which one performed better:

cleanmypc cccleaner data comparison

cleanmypc cccleaner registry comparison

Judging by the results above, the free CCleaner software managed to excel in both categories. Concerning the file cleanup potential, CCleaner Free found an addition 1,115 MB (over a GB) or 34% more unnecessary files than that of CleanMyPC. In the registry search, CleanMyPC found 155 potential registry fixes whereas CCleaner Free found 304 entries to repair, nearly 50% more. While these results seem like CleanMyPC is not worth the money, I wouldn’t say that just yet.

First off, CCleaner has been in the PC optimization industry since 2003 and have primarily focused on the Windows OS whereas MacPaw grew its roots as a Mac developer, only entering the PC market a few years ago.

Due to this, CCleaner has expanded their scanning technology to include more third-party applications for cleaning potential and covers more advanced registry complications, so their results end up with a deeper scan than that of CleanMyPC.

However, CleanMyPC has two large advantages that still keep it a contender in this space. The ability to disable the hibernation file saved me 12.77GB right off the start meaning that if I compared these results with these additional hibernation savings included then CleanMyPC wins by a large margin as it was able to save me 16303 MB of data storage versus the 4323 MB savings from CCleaner, almost 4X as much space is now able to be used.

Additionally, I am a big fan of the uninstall procedure that CleanMyPC harnesses over that of CCleaner. The extra post-uninstall scan can save you a significant amount of data over time from excess files that are left behind and makes for a more thorough removal process than its free competition, something that is even more important when removing potential bloatware or malware.

Final Verdict

MacPaw’s CleanMyPC software is not as much of a necessity as its CleanMyMac X sibling, but it remains a useful optimization application for Windows users. While only relying on CCleaner Free is the ideal choice for someone on a tight budget, CleanMyPC’s one-click hibernation disable, thorough program uninstall method and secure erase file/folder tool make it worth the reasonable price-point from my experience.

If you want the most optimal maintenance and optimization procedure, I’d recommend using CleanMyPC and CCleaner Free in conjunction together (this is what I do) to ensure you get rid of all the excess bulk that the other software may have missed and utilize each application’s strengths to your advantage. Spending $39.95 to keep your PC running faster with more free space is a small price to pay when you realize the increased speed and efficiency will save you time, money and extend the lifespan of your current machine.

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