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  • MacPaw CleanMyMac
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 The MacPaw CleanMyMac software scans your machine looking for files to remove and save disk space.

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Previously, I had reviewed the popular MacCleanse software which is used to clean your Mac computer. This time around, I'm taking a look at the MacPaw CleanMyMac software that is also developed for the same purpose of cleaning through your machine to remove unnecessary or unused files. Retailing just under $30, the software is available directly through the MacPaw website. If you've not familiar with MacPaw, they have a great reputation in the Mac community and have developed several useful applications in the past including Gemini: The Duplicate Finder.

Like Gemini, CleanMyMac is simple and easy to use. The interface is clean and self-explanatory so you don't need to be tech savvy to understand what you are doing. Each tab shows what type of files are found within it such as caches, logs, language files, universal binaries, system junk, and trash/leftovers. When you select a tab you will receive a brief description of what the particular files mean allowing you get an understanding of what you are going to be deleting before you actually do so.

After scanning my Macbook Pro it found 2.88 GB of wasted space available for deletion. The vast majority of the space was filed under “user cache files” and it was easy enough for the program to detect this build up of wasted data and flag it for removal. You have the option to check or uncheck each file categories as well as the individual files you want to get rid of. Once you want to actually go through with deleting the checked items, it is a simple click of the “erase” button at the bottom right corner of the screen and the software will automatically erase the desired files.

Addition features include an application uninstaller which will fully remove any application you drag into it, making the cleanup process quick and easy without leaving leftover files on your computer. Using the quick erase tool you can remove any file or folder completely without keeping any remnants which is ideal for personal files that won't be recoverable even with specialized data recovery software. The extension manager is an interesting feature and something I didn't expect from the CleanMyMac software. It allows you to easy remove any widgets, add-ons, or plugins that you may have installed in the past. These areas are often overlooked in maintenance software such as this so it was nice to see you can remove any of them with the click of a button.

In comparison to MacCleanse it is very similar, but has its differences. I prefer the interface for CleanMyMac, but MacCleanse does include a few more features like a duplicate finder, archive cleaner, and the ability to schedule automatic periodic cleanings. I found it easier to accidentally delete important files with MacCleanse thus you might want to stick to CleanMyMac if you aren't exactly with how to use a program such as this. CleanMyMac is priced $10 more than MacCleanse, but it still is a reasonable price and much cheaper than paying someone to come clean up your computer.

Overall, I found the CleanMyMac software to be easy to use, effective, and well designed. You don't have to be a tech genius to use it correctly and in most cases it can save you some serious disk space and boost computer performance. If you're looking for a user friendly maintenance software for your Mac computer that won't break the bank then CleanMyMac is an excellent solution from a reputable company. I do recommend purchasing a CleanMyMac license if you are considering doing so.

Update: CleanMyMac 2 is here! Read the full review here.

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