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NameSilo.com is a premier domain registry and management service.


namesilo control panel

A look at the NameSilo homepage


From first glance at the NameSilo homepage one can see the company's purpose is to provide best domain registration and management experience as possible. Luckily, this purpose rings true in reality as they are one of the most reputable online services we have even experienced. They are the only domain provider that we have ever used that is a standard flat-rate fee per domain year after year with no hidden charges or gimmicks.


Take a look at the chart below to see the NameSilo prices compared to competitors: 

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 8.23.56 PM

source: NameSilo.com

As you can see NameSilo provides the most value for your money which in the long run is what should determine where you purchase your domain. The free WHOIS privacy is an excellent addition to their already low price. Keeping your domain names private and secure should be a necessity for anyone who is looking to start a serious website.

Customer Service

We have had first hand experience with NameSilo's customer service several times and they have always been nothing but helpful and respectful to us. They provided assistance when we wanted to transfer a domain from another provider who had locked us out of access to the particular domain. With their help we were able to transfer the domain painlessly in only a matter of days. You have the option of contacting them via chat, phone, or email which makes it extremely convenient.

Why NameSilo Over Competitors?

NameSilo provides extreme value for your money since you are getting a quality domain service coming at an extremely affordable price. For example, some people will likely say “Well I got my domain for $2.99 from GoDaddy with a coupon!” And yes, there definitely are cases where this is possible. The thing is you need to think of the long run. Lets look at the total cost if you owned that domain for 3 years.


1 x $2.99 (domain with coupon – year 1)

2 x $13.17 (domain without coupon – years 2 & 3)

3 x $9.99 (privacy for 3 years)

3 x $5.00 (domain protection for 3 years)

Total Price = $74.30


3 x $8.99 (domain for 3 years)

3 x $0.00 (privacy for 3 years)

3 x $0.00 (domain protection for 3 years)

Total Price = $26.97

By choosing NameSilo you would be saving $47.33 and you would be doing business with a reputable company whose priority is to serve their customers and provide a quality service. If you haven't heard already there is a vast array of GoDaddy horror stories found all over the web and it is clear their main priority is not to put their customer first in many situations. Don't make the mistake and choose GoDaddy just because their company is more “well-known”.

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For more information visit NameSilo.com.