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Sony Vegas Pro 12 Video Editor Review

Sony Vegas 12 is a gem when it comes to editing software and a must have for anyone looking to professionally edit multimedia on a PC. I highly recommend this software and in comparison to a competitor like Adobe Premiere Pro, I prefer Vegas by a long-shot  Sure, the interface is pretty bland and boring, but the simplicity, performance, and stability of this software makes it a clear winner. Before purchasing the software, I do suggest you make sure you have the necessary requirements found here. Sony successfully improved Vegas from last years version and it continues to be my favorite video editing software for a PC on the market.

Sleep Cycle iOS App Review

Overall, the app is well designed and has an appealing interface. There are some small changes I would like to see, but it is ideal for a light sleeper who sleeps alone at night. If you are a heavy sleeper I do not think it is a bad idea to spend the $0.99 and give it a shot. Unfortunately, if you sleep with a pet or significant other at night you will likely not get accurate results and for that reason it might not be the best way to spend a buck.

Notability iPad App Review

The Notability app from Ginger Labs is the best handwriting & note taking application you can find on the App Store. The interface is simple and easy and it contains a variety of useful features. Though it has a few kinks when it comes to actual handwriting due to the way the iPad's multitouch screen works, we highly suggest purchasing this app for all your note taking needs!

iA Writer Mac App Review

IA Writer is a content producer's dream application. It allows distraction-free working through a simple, but elegant user interface. At an affordably low price we highly suggest this application for someone who has trouble staying focused when writing things such as papers, essays, articles, reviews, or web content. As long as you understand the purpose of this app and that it is not a full fledged word processor like Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages then you will not be disappointed.