MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad Pro Review – Notification Bar WordPress Plugin

The Stripe Ad Pro WordPress plugin allows messages displayed at the top or bottom of webpages. Introduction In the modern world of online publishing, it can be difficult to get a message across to your audience as the amount of digital clutter is making website visitors less aware and less interested. People are becoming immune to advertising and

Fanciest Author Box Review – Premium WordPress Plugin

 The Fanciest Author Box is a premium WordPress plugin that improves your site's author box. Incorporating your author information into WordPress posts and pages is typically simple to do and most themes come with their own native author box feature. However, these author boxes are usually dull and don't come packed with the necessary features

NextGEN Gallery PRO Review – Premium WordPress Image Gallery Plugin

I found the NextGEN Gallery Pro plugin to be a complete and utter train-wreck. The sale from the original developer to Photocrati really took a drastic change for the worst and now causes the “updated” version of the plugin to be virtually unusable. I gave it some time, before I wrote this review of Photocrati to fix the initial bugs however 3 months is long enough and with no end to the issues in sight. It's too late for us to get our refund back, but I hope I can at least save anyone reading this article from wasting their money with NextGEN Gallery PRO or wasting their time with NextGEN Gallery 2.0. I suggest staying far away from the newer version of this plugin (as well as Photocrati) and you'll thank me in the long run!

System Mechanic 12 Review – PC Optimization & Cleanup Software

I found System Mechanic 12 to be a bit buggy, but it got the job done sufficiently in the end. While power users like myself won't find it's methods all that innovative, it takes the traditional maintenance tasks and automates them all in one easy-to-use piece of software. When you factor in the current promotional price and the fact that it supports an unlimited amount of PCs in your home then it is a clear winner in most cases. For those of you who are struggling with poor computer performance and need a simple way to optimize and declutter your system without the headache of learning how to use complicated software or methods then System Mechanic is an excellent choice for you.

MacKeeper Review – Security & Optimization Software For Mac

I found MacKeeper to be a legitimate and beneficial software for Apple computers despite the unfortunate negative reputation among the Mac community. It conveniently has 16 distinct features in one piece of software for the consumers benefit, but unfortunately the majority of these features perform in a mediocre fashion. I don't think MacKeeper is all that bad of a deal for the price especially for someone who is not Mac or computer savvy (cleanup, security, & optimization features will be useful to you), but I don't think it is necessary for the majority of consumers. Personally, I'd rather save some money and buy several lower-priced or free alternatives that will get each task done in a more efficient and effective way, but I will admit the anti-theft feature alone does make it a tempting buy.

SnappyCam Pro Review – Fastest iOS Camera App Ever

SnappyCam Pro is a “professional” camera app for your iOS device capable of 20fps burst shooting. The cameras within iOS devices today (such as in the iPhone 5) are now more powerful than most expensive digital cameras 5 or so years ago. With this advanced technology packed into such a small portable device, the consumer photography