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Samsung UN46EH6000 LED HDTV Review

The Samsung UN46EH6000 46-inch LED HDTV is a premier contender with an affordable price tag.

Samsung UN46EH6000 LED HDTV

Samsung UN46EH6000 Technical Specifications

Product Features

  • Full HD 1080p, CMR of 240
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus,Wall mountable
  • Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse, Speakers : 2 x Right/left channel speaker – Built-in – 10 Watt
  • Connect Share Movie, Contrast Ratio – 5000000:1
  • Power consumption operational:50 Watt,0.3 Watt (Standby)

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Samsung
  • Model: UN46EH6000
  • Display Technology: LED-lit
  • Display Size: 46 inches
  • Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  • Weight: 36.00 pounds
  • Image Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000:1
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 120


There is a vast array of consumer LCD & LED TVs on the market right now so it can be very tough to decide on which one to get. We are here to tell you that if you are in the market for a TV larger than a 40″ and are budget conscious then the Samsung UN46EH6000 LED HDTV should be a serious contender. The UN46EH6000 is a visually appealing and high quality performer while still holding that affordable price tag that we all desire from our new electronics. Continue reading to determine whether or not this television is what you looking for.

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Design, Look, and Build Quality

Samsung UN46EH6000 46 Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV Black

This TV is definitely a looker with a sleek structural design and a relatively slim profile overall. For being a cheaper priced model than many competitors this is not visible by looking at its cosmetic features alone. We have read that a small amount of  owners are complaining about the TV being thicker from front to back. This was not an issue for us, but it may be depending on your type of enclosure or intended setup.

For many less expensive products (especially in televisions and monitors) companies will slack on the quality of the less prominent things such as the TV's stand. We are happy to relay that we were thoroughly impressed with the design and build quality of this stand. It is sturdy and snug wherever it is placed thus allowing piece of mind that your TV will not be easily susceptible to accidental damage. This also does mean that if you want to tilt or rotate the TV viewing angle, you will likely need to put a bit more force into it in order to rotate it to your desired position.

Quality of Picture & Sound

Quality of picture is understandably the most important factor in choosing a new HDTV. Luckily, this model features a crisp 1080P display allowing stunning visuals that will beyond satisfy the average consumer. The colors are vivid and the back light is even resulting in impressive images even when viewing dark or nearly black scenes. Its performance is an excellent match for someone interested in using it for video gaming, watching sports, or viewing the latest feature films. The sound quality on the other hand is not as stunning as its picture, but it definitely is not a big enough issue to dismiss the option of settling on this TV. In a worst case scenario, if the sound quality is not up to par with you are looking for, you have the option to hook the TV up to an external sound system that will boost the sound performance to a more satisfying level.

Finishing Thoughts

Overall, the TV is a great buy for any prospective LED HDTV buyer. Since it is cheaper than most competitors of similar models, you won't find the “smart” tv options such as Wi-Fi capabilities and Netflix streaming included on this television.  The remote is fairly small which can be both a pro and a con since it can be easier to get lost. Something pretty neat on this TV is the “Eco” setting that makes the device super efficient and saves electricity. According to the FTC's included energy label it should only cost $10 a year to operate this TV (no clue on the parameters they used to come up with this estimate so take it lightly). Overall, the TV is a great buy for any prospective LED HDTV buyer.Unfortunately, the downfall to this “Eco” mode is that there is a noticeable downgrade in the quality and colors of the visuals which makes the “Eco” setting pretty useless for people who watch a lot of TV. Another pain is the limited supply of inputs especially HDMI ports. Depending on your home setup 2 HDMI ports might not be enough which will cause a hassle if you have multiple devices (Xbox, Wii, PC, PS3, HD cable box, BluRay) that you'd like to all have connected to the television at once. We do think Samsung could have added a few more HDMI ports, but again at the lower price point we understand that they have to save money somewhere.

Do we recommend this product? Yes, we do!

For more information visit the manufacturer of the Samsung UN46EH6000 LED HDTV.