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Samsung UN46D7000 3D LED HDTV Review

The Samsung UN46D7000 is an attractive LED HDTV loaded with some impressive features.

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HDTVs are getting more and more advanced as technology progresses including thinner displays, 3D technology, and Wi-Fi capabilities. The UN46D7000 harnesses all of these features in a pretty impressive consumer package. Samsung has quite a reputation for being a premier brand of televisions so I went into this testing with high expectations without ending up with much disappointment. Keep in mind this is the review for the 46″ version, but should be relatively comparable for the 55″ UN55D7000 and 60″ UN60D7000 models as well.

Cosmetic Appeal & Build Quality

For starters, this TV is a real piece of eye-candy.  In my opinion, it is just about as cool looking as a TV can possibly get. The thin black bezel around the LED screen gives off a classy and professional feel. The UN46D7000 itself is only 1.2 inches thick making it ultra thin and maneuverable while still not sacrificing the sturdy feel and durability factor. The model I tested was mounted on a wall (as you can see in the pictures) which made the television even more appealing since there wasn't an ugly stand ruining the ultra sleek look it has going for it.


The UN46D7000 is absolutely loaded with advanced features in comparison to most of the LED TVs on the market today. It has the expected 1080P HD resolution with a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. 3D technology is also built into the TV, though disappointingly you will not be provided with any 3D glasses stock forcing you to need to purchase your own pairs separately. These will currently run you just under $30 a pair so plan on budgeting some extra money on this expense if the 3D technology is something you're planning on utilizing. The TV has a favorable amount of inputs which is a handy if you plan on hooking up multiple accessories such as a Blu-ray player, cable box, or video game system.

The Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi capability is one of the biggest sellers for me personally. One touch access to popular apps such as YouTube, Skype, Hulu+, Netflix, or Facebook among others is an awesome feature to have and comes into good use for those of you who use these apps regularly on a computer. In addition to the ability to access these apps you also get a full QWERTY keyboard built into the supplied remote. This makes typing and maneuvering through the various menus and app interfaces simple and hassle free.


The performance of the Samsung UN46D7000 is as impressive as it looks. The HD picture is crisp and clean with vibrant colors. From the TV's I have tested in the past this one has one of the best black levels I've ever seen making it perfect for watching movies or  video clips in all varieties of light. I did have to mess with the picture settings a little bit to get the optimal output, but once it was configured correctly I was very happy with the end result. The picture was pleasant from all viewing angles which is another advantage over some competing models in the market.

The sound was pretty decent, but I did expect slightly better for the price. If your really not satisfied you can buy a more suitable sound system to accompany it for only few hundred bucks. I did not get a chance to test out the 3D capabilities as I had no glasses on hand during my testing so I cannot attest to it's function, but I would expect it to be of a high caliber. As for gaming I also did not get a chance to test it, though with specs like the UN46D7000 harnesses I do not expect there to be any lag or ghosting going on especially since the TV has a “game mode” built in tailored specifically for optimal gaming settings.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if your in the market for a 46″ TV and desire both Wi-Fi capabilities and 3D technology then this is a solid buy. It is a bit on the expensive side especially considering that there are no 3D glasses included, but I think the plethora of features warrant worth the price and will make it a relevant TV for years to come.