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  • Apple Magic Mouse
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Apple Magic Mouse is elegant, harnesses multi-touch technology, and operates via Bluetooth.

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Apple has been a pioneer in the technology industry and they always seem to take the a unique and unorthodox approach to designing their products. When it comes to their Magic Mouse, there is no exception. A unique one button design and multi-touch technology makes this product a very interesting contender in the high end mouse market.

The design is unlike any other mouse on the market and is based on a one button design, but functions as a typical 3 button mouse. Unlike traditional mice, there is no scroll wheel and no visual distinction between the left and right mouse button. If you are familiar with the impressive build quality that Apple is widely known for, this product will be up to par with what you'd expect. The mouse is very slim and due to this, it did not feel as comfortable in my hand as my Razer DeathAdder that I am used to.

The top portion where your hand rests is made of a what I presume to be hard clear plastic that resembles a piece of glass. Near the back middle you will find the iconic Apple logo located under this piece of plastic, which I find gives off an appealing and elegant look. The bottom half is made of the same aluminum you can find on their Macbook or iMac product lines. There is an additional Apple logo lazer engraved on the bottom middle.

The mouse functions by syncing with your Mac via Bluetooth. It is notable that there is no native support or available Apple drivers to achieve full functionality when used on a PC (stay tuned for a way to work around this in the near future). From my extended use with this mouse, it performed well for what it was designed to do. The tracking was top notch, but it did seem noticeably slow which required the need to tinker with the settings. I eventually resorted to installing a 3rd party program called magicprefs to help get the sensitivity settings to my liking.

Even with the sensitivity adjusted to where I liked, I still couldn't get over the lack of comfort when it was in my hand. The multi-touch technology was neat, but not all that necessary as I found myself not really using the gestures and missing the traditional scroll wheel. In terms of the one button design, you really don't notice it whatsoever when you are actually using it. I never had the Magic Mouse incorrectly flag a left click as a right or vice versa so in regards to the design, they did an excellent job in the execution.

Overall, I found the Apple Magic Mouse to be a decent product at a premium price. The product is truly elegant, harnesses advanced technology, and very well made. However, when it came to comfortability, the Magic Mouse's slim design did not feel natural in my hand even after a few dozen hours of use. I found myself missing my traditional three button and scroll wheeled mouse in which I ended up resorting back to. I personally cannot recommend this product based on the comfort issue alone. Just because I feel this way does not mean you will feel the same. Instead, I highly suggest trying to test out Magic Mouse from a friend, family member, or even at your local Apple Store before buying just to make sure you find the design comfortable enough to continue with your purchase.

  • I was stereoptical about having a “one-button” mouse, though it turned out to be the sweet child ‘o mine of photoshop and illustrator by easing up the X/Y scrolling.

    However, I’m still new to these different approaches of “mousing” and, as I spend most of my time on these two softwares, I still consider other options such as the trackball one.

    Have you ever used the one from the apple store or do you recommend another? Or do you recommend at all?

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