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Dolica Proline Photo Tripod Review

The Dolica Proline Tripod is an affordable photo tripod perfect for beginner level photographers.


When it comes to photography a tripod is an essential part of any photographer's arsenal. Unfortunately, this item can also be one of the most expensive camera accessories you'll end up buying. Luckily, there are affordable models on the market such as the Dolica Proline Photo Tripod that give you the advantage of a tripod's features without spending an arm and a leg.

The build quality of the tripod is mediocre, but does indeed get the job done. The material of the legs can be dented, scratched, or bent pretty easily, but they are lightweight which is great for those of you who may be traveling with the tripod. I actually received my product with one of the legs slightly bent, but in the end it wasn't significant enough that I had to send it back. As long as you are careful to treat your tripod well and store it correctly it should last a long time. The included carrying case should be sufficient enough to keep the tripod well protected when not in use.

In some instances a lightweight tripod can be a downfall since it may mean it cannot hold a heavy camera or is not going to be sturdy. This is not the case with the Dolica Proline since the position of its legs allow for a surprising amount of steadiness in pretty much any circumstance. If the adjustment ability is not enough you can use the integrated counter weight hook located on the bottom of the middle post to even out the weight. The tripod description claims it is capable of handling a camera up to 13.2 lbs. I have used the tripod with my camera having an attached flash, battery grip, and telephoto lens which is likely pushing the 10lb mark and performance did not decline.

Adjustable non-slip rubber feet are equipped to ensure your tripod won't be taking any unnecessary tumbles during use. The ballhead is a nice touch, allowing you to take both landscape and portrait style photos from the tripod which many similarly priced competitors cannot do. Currently priced at under $45, this tripod is designed specifically for photography use meaning that it does not feature a way to actively pan or tilt with a camera attached.

From my experience the tripod has worked fairly well. I actually use it on a regular basis to steady my product shots as they can come out very blurry handheld without the flash. If you do plan on shooting video as well as photos you'll likely want to pass on this tripod as it is near impossible to shoot anything that isn't stationary without pan or tilt capabilities. The tripod is highly adjustable and I've yet to have an issue getting it level on a variety of surfaces. The angle locking knobs to adjust the distance that the legs open and close can be pretty tough to lock in at times often requiring a pretty significant amount of pressure applied.

Ultimately, I would recommend this product for anyone looking to get a tripod that will be used strictly for photography and wants to spend less than $50. If you have a little more cash to spend and want video capabilities as well then I would likely opt for something like the Pearstone VT-2100 Video Tripod instead. Keep in mind this tripod will need to be kept in good condition in order to last several years so if you do go with the product do not be careless when using or storing the item.

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