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Best Cleaner for Tesla Seats: 5 Recommended Products

Our team researched and scoured the market for all the best cleaners for Tesla seats, and we ultimately determined that the go-to choice for most is Lithium Hyper Cleanse All-Purpose Cleaner. We chose this product as it is reasonably priced, ultra-effective at cleaning, and non-harmful to Tesla's vegan leather seats.

As a runner-up cleaning product for Tesla seats, the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner is our next choice. This cleaning solution works on virtually all surfaces, including fabric, carpet, upholstery, and the vegan leather used on Tesla's car seats. It accomplishes this by utilizing nanotechnology to lift away dirt and grime efficiently.

The 303 Interior Cleaner is our recommended budget option for those looking to save every dollar. Safe for most surfaces, including electronics, this cleaning solution helps you get your Tesla seats and interior in like new shape without breaking the bank.

Lithium Hyper Cleanse Cleaner
  • Effectively cleans tough stains, grime, and dirt
  • Contains no harmful solvents or chemicals
  • High-quality control standards and small batches ensure consistency
  • Backed by an unconditional warranty
CAR GUYS Super Cleaner
  • A multi-surface cleaner that works on leather, upholstery, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and more
  • High-quality manufacturing and nano-technology allow for consistent results
  • Lifts away dirt and grime at the molecular level
  • Offers a refund guarantee
303 Interior Cleaner
  • Works on all surfaces, including electronics
  • Offers a streak-free shine
  • Affordably priced compared to competing cleaners
  • Tackles tough stains with ease

Most Tesla owners prefer getting the unique white interior the car brand offers due to its futuristic, modern, and chic look. However, it can be challenging to clean white Tesla seats since they quickly accumulate dirt.

If you want to know how to clean Tesla seats, the secret lies in using a suitable cleaner that removes stains and dirt without harming the seat material. After scouring the market for the best cleaners, we recommend the following five Tesla cleaners to make your car seats spotless.

Whether you have a Tesla model with a black or white interior, these cleaning products will make them look brand new.

Lithium Hyper Cleanse

Lithium Hyper Cleanse All-Purpose Cleaner – Editor’s Choice

The Lithium Hyper Cleanse All-Purpose Cleaner from Lithium Auto Elixirs tops our list of Tesla seat cleaners. The company provides an all-around product to clean leathers, plastics, carpets, car interiors, car exteriors, boats, and even household items. It removes tough stains and loose dirt from various surfaces. Also, it’s effective against grease, ink, and oil.

This product is one of the best cleaners for Tesla white seats since it doesn’t damage leather material, cause discoloration, or leave chemical residues. So, we highly recommend this to Tesla owners who want to keep their white interior looking brand new.

However, we noticed that the product doesn’t contain much protective ingredients. So, you may need to apply a quality leather conditioner to protect vegan leather seats. Also, although the product is safe for car displays, we don’t recommend using it since it may leave a streak.

Note that this cleaner is more expensive than most products. However, if you have the budget, the Lithium Hyper Cleanse All-Purpose Cleaner will effectively clean dirt and polish your seats.

Car Guys Super Cleaner

CAR GUYS Super Cleaner – Runner-Up

The CAR GUYS Super Cleaner is a spray-type general cleaner used for leather seats, fabric, car interiors, carpets, canvas, vinyl, and more. It’s our runner-up, given its versatility and effectiveness.

This multipurpose product is one of the best seat cleaners for Tesla if you’re looking for a one-bottle solution for your car cleaning needs. Interestingly, it uses advanced nano-technology to deep clean dirt and stains on a molecular level.

While it can clean upholstery, leather, plastic, fabric, and metal, it’s not applicable for nubuck or suede material, glass, and delicate instrument panels.

Moreover, avoid spraying the product directly onto the surface. Instead, wipe it using a soft cloth moistened with the cleaner.

Fortunately, its water-based polymer formula doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. So, there’s no need to follow up with non-detergent soap or water, and it’s safe for white Tesla seats. Also, you'll use the product directly; no need to dilute it in warm water.

Overall, the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner is a highly recommended leather cleaner for most Tesla models, especially those with a white interior.

303 Interior Cleaner

303 Interior Cleaner – Budget Choice

If you’re looking for an affordable Tesla seat cleaner, the 303 Interior Cleaner should be your go-to option. You can remove dirt, smudges, stains, paw prints, and fog buildup on leather, plastic, carpet, upholstery, and vinyl.

Also, unlike our top two picks, this cleaner is safe on glass, windshield, gauge panel, dashboard, window, metal, and touchscreen LCD. You can even use it on your smartphone, computer, and other electronic devices, which shows the product’s delicate and safe formula.

As a result, you can spray the product directly on your white or black Tesla seats or wipe gently using a soft cloth. And after you wipe dry the seats with a microfiber cloth, it doesn’t leave any streak or shiny finish.

We highly recommend the 303 Interior Cleaner for owners who need a budget-friendly but effective product, regardless of the Tesla model.

Chemical Guys Inner Cleaner

Chemical Guys InnerClean Quick Detailer

The Chemical Guys InnerClean Quick Detailer provides a fast and effective way to wipe away dirt, body oils, and dust on most interior surfaces. Unlike our top three on the list, this product offers advanced UV protection, preventing your seats from discoloring and cracking.

You can also apply the product on all car interior parts, such as the dashboard, door panel, rubber seal, and navigation screen. In addition, it claims to leave an OEM factory appearance, allowing you to maintain your Tesla’s premium interior.

However, we only recommend it when removing shallow dirt or maintaining your seats. Do a second round with a deep cleaner if you want a thorough clean. Nonetheless, the Chemical Guys InnerClean Quick Detailer offers a clean and matte finish.

LVP Interior Cleaner

3D LVP Interior Cleaner

Finally, we recommend the 3D LVP Interior Cleaner, a spray-type deep-cleaning product specifically used for cleaning car interiors. Its balanced pH formula helps remove grime, dirt, and contaminants on leather, plastic, vinyl, and most visible surfaces without damage or residue.

This product is also effective for cleaning white Tesla seats since it lifts stains easily and wipes away dye transfer from clothing. However, you’ll need a few rounds to remove deep stains.

Regardless, the 3D LVP Interior Cleaner is ideal for your Tesla interior’s regular maintenance and occasional deep cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to find out the answers to all your questions about cleaning and maintaining your Tesla seats. Learn which products work best for different types of stains and other important tips for keeping your Tesla looking its best.

Do Tesla White Seats Get Stained?

Yes. White seats tend to stain easily, given their color. Moreover, the driver’s seat is more likely to catch stains since it’s the most used seat in a car.

However, Tesla uses vegan leather, a material made from polyurethane. This material is hydrophobic, which effectively repels liquids. Spilling your drink on the seating surfaces will only result in the liquid pooling or running off the seat.

Vegan leather can still have stains if you don’t clean it immediately. Consider getting Tesla white seat protection to keep the material in top shape.

How Do You Clean White Seats on a Tesla?

Tesla states in its owner’s manual that using a soft cloth moistened with warm water and non-detergent soap provides the best way to clean white seats. While cleaning, wipe gently in a circular motion and dry the surface using a soft, lint-free cloth.

The owner’s manual also states, “Although seating surfaces are designed to repel stains, Tesla recommends regular cleaning to maintain performance and an as-new appearance. Promptly treat dye transfer from clothing, such as indigo-dyed denim.”

Tesla also recommends avoiding harsh chemicals, specific cosmetics, and cleaners with bleach or alcohol. Moreover, try to spot-test cleaners in an inconspicuous area before applying them to all visible surfaces of your car. Consult your manual if you’re unsure how to clean Tesla white seats.

Can I Use Leather Cleaner on Tesla Seats?

Yes. You can use leather cleaner to remove stains, grime, and dirt on vegan leather seats and real leather materials. However, please don't use this type of cleaner on fabric seats as it can damage them.

Some benefits of using leather cleaners on Tesla leather are deep cleaning the seats and providing a ready-to-use product. You can also promptly treat dye transfer.

However, please read the product instructions carefully to avoid misusing it and damaging your seats.

Can I Use Clorox Wipes on Tesla Seats?

Yes. Clorox wipes are safe to use on your Tesla seats since they use a bleach-free formula, according to Clorox. The wipes effectively kill various bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, E. coli, Salmonella, Staph, and Strep.

Remember to wipe gently when cleaning to prevent streaks and damaging the seat material. Also, never use alcohol or bleach-based cleaners to protect your car seats.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Tesla Seats?

Yes. Many existing Tesla owners say that their most common cleaning solution is baby wipes. However, we don’t recommend using them more than once per week to avoid harming your vegan leather seats.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Lithium Hyper Cleanse All-Purpose Cleaner is the best product to clean and care for your Tesla vegan leather seats. Its formula lifts dirt from seats effectively and leaves no residues, making it ideal for a white leather interior.

However, we also recommend the CAR GUYS Super Cleaner if you’re looking for a powerful cleaner to clear tough dirt and stains. Meanwhile, consider using the 303 Interior Cleaner if you need a practical but budget-friendly seat cleaner.

Remember that regular cleaning is key to maintaining your Tesla interior’s modern and chic look. Hopefully, our buyer's guide helped you find the best cleaner for your Tesla seats.