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The Best AI Novel Writing Software

The Best AI Novel Writing Software For 2022

Our team did the research and testing to determine the best AI novel writing software is Jasper AI. We chose this particular writing tool due to its simplicity, competitive feature set and stellar performance as an AI content generator.

The runner-up option we have determined is ShortlyAI which is a more toned-down tool that focuses on simplicity and a distraction-free writing experience. It doesn't have all the advanced AI that offers the bells and whistles of Jasper but is cheaper overall.

In terms of a budget-friendly AI writer for novelists, ClosersCopy is likely the best option. They offer the highest word generation limits on their base subscription plan (50K words for $30/month) and for a limited time are offering a lifetime subscription plan for $297.

Editor's Choice
Jasper AI
  • Powered by OpenAI + GPT-3
  • Has a dedicated Creative Story template
  • Free trial account (10K words) for TTR readers
  • Also powered by OpenAI + GPT-3
  • Recently acquired by Jarvis AI team 
  • An open-ended, simplistic editor UI
Budget Choice
  • Proprietary content algorithm (not GPT-3)
  • Offers a dedicated StoryAI generation template
  • Cheapest plan pricing & lifetime account options

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a novel written by artificial intelligence? This may sound like science fiction, but many AI software companies are working hard to make this dream a reality. AI has the potential to be used in many applications, one of which is novel writing.

While an AI novel writing software might seem like you are taking away the skill, fun, and creativity of novel writing, think of an AI tool as more of a way to offer assistance in your creative writing process. This is contrary to the idea that it is a hands-off solution where the AI simply generates everything on its own.

In this article, we will explore 5 AI novel writing software options that can help create the perfect story coupled with your writing style, clever ideas, and writing skills.

4 Top AI Writing Software for Novelists In 2021

Jarvis AI Creative Story Template scaled

Jasper AI

Formerly known as Conversion AI, Jasper AI is an innovative writing assistant that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and GPT-3 technology to help produce quality text content on pretty much any topic that you can think of.

While Jasper AI's core audience is the marketing and copywriting crowd, there is serious potential for AI novel writing via the innovative tool. It even has a built-in content template for creative writing and stories that I've used many times with great results.

Jasper is likely the most well-known AI writing software on the market and while priced on the higher-end, it often gets the best results in terms of generated outputs. It also has built-in integration with Grammarly Premium which saves time in the editing process by catching grammar mistakes.

Something you do need to keep in mind if you are writing more ‘adult' novels, GPT-3 and OpenAI which Jasper utilizes does have a content filter that prevents explicit generation so that may be a dealbreaker for some novelists. Read our full review of Jasper AI.

ShortlyAI Interface


One of the original AI writing tools that gained recognition for its powerful usability for novels and more, ShortlyAI remains a solid option to consider.

ShortlyAI is a powerful piece of AI novel writing software that can help you get past writer's block, develop your thoughts into well-written paragraphs, give you a creative brainstorming partner, and more to help on your journey to release your next best-selling novel.

It has a clean, distraction-free interface that allows writers to focus on writing. The software also features a set of commands for refining sentences in a variety of ways including rewriting, shortening, and expanding content.

The team behind Jasper AI acquired ShortlyAI back in June of 2021. While the product is run independently of Jasper's tool, they have a lot of overlap and for such a close difference in pricing, Jasper does much more than ShortlyAI with a better (though busier) user interface.

ClosersCopy UI scaled


A newer player in the AI writing software market, ClosersCopy has been gaining popularity due to its extensive marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook. The tool is in its infancy but seems very promising as it utilizes its own artificial intelligence algorithms and does not rely on OpenAI/GPT-3 like Javis AI and ShortlyAI.

While it has a marketing intent as the primary driver, the tool is broken down into three modules that all serve their own purpose: SalesAI, StoryAI & BlogAI. For the ideal execution of novel writing, the StoryAI is the most promising with its ability to create stories that are easy for novelists and writers to edit.

Writing the perfect novel is very challenging, ClosersCopy seems like a great place to start if you're looking for AI writing software suggestions and also one that gives you the highest character limits for the lower priced-plans.

Frase AI Writer

Frase AI

Designed similarly for marketing and specifically SEO content writing, Frase AI is a new-age content writing software that produces quality, natural language text. While a lot of their toolset is geared for copywriting and SEO including detailed content reports, the Frase AI writer tool within their SEO Add-on can produce some stellar novel content.

This premium online platform claims to use “a combination of machine learning techniques such as deep learning neural networks (multi-layered perceptions), which mimic human thought processes” to produce professionally written content for users across multiple industries or verticals.

One of the coolest things about Frase is that their AI writing module is NOT based on OpenAI and GPT-3. This means that the outputs from this tool will differ wildly from the first two AI writing software solutions (Jasper & ShortlyAI) listed within this article. It also means that it doesn't suffer from the same ‘adult' restrictions when it comes to novel writing that Jasper and Shortly both suffer from due to their reliance on OpenAI.

Can Artificial Intelligence Actually Write Good Content for Novels?

While it seems unlikely, modern advancements and machine learning have resulted in new technologies emerging that can help users write good content without as much tedious work. Open AI has developed an algorithm that can use machine learning to generate text that is indistinguishable from human-authored text.

Most of the needs for this technology came as a form of AI copywriting software mainly needed for marketing usage. AI software can learn from existing content and then apply machine learning to generate new text that is related, but not plagiarized.

However, as an author, you must remember that AI content generation for novels is just a reflection of the data set and writing prompts that they have been fed with – so your AI novel can be about space travel or romance depending on what information you feed it.

Keep in mind, this will be more of an AI writing assistant than a pure AI writing tool as you'll still need to edit the generated results for clarity and accuracy. Additionally, some of these tools are pretty expensive in monthly fees as running generated text through GPT-3 and requires a lot of processing power which can get costly.

What Are Some Cons of Using AI Novel Writing Software?

A blank novel ready to write

An AI System can add a lot of benefits to your novel writing workflow, avoid writer's block and help you fine-tune your content while helping to avoid more time-consuming tasks. However, there are some downsides that you may want to keep in mind that may or may not become an issue for your writing needs:

  • All of these AI novel writing software options require paid plans for regular use (the recurring expenses AI costs are too high for free or a one-time payment due to usage over the long term).
  • All of these AI novel writing software options are cloud-based meaning they rely on the internet and you will not be able to generate AI text while offline.
  • AI novel writing software that is running on GPT-3 and OpenAI's writing technology is really stellar in the performance of generated text. However, though the advanced AI is powerful, it is limited to not allowing you to write or generate content that is ‘adult' or anything sexual in nature due to the terms of service of the AI tool. This may be a bigger deal to some writers than it is to others, but it is an important disclaimer to mention.
  • The AI behind these AI novel writing software options only can ‘lookback' so far to determine how much context it uses within its dynamic formulas to produce the sentence structure and write quality content. This limitation means that it won't just write a book flat out and you'll still find the need to “remind” the AI of major plotlines, character names, attributes, etc.
  • You will need to generate the text in these tools' native editor's as right now there is not any support for a dedicated chrome extension (at least yet). Additionally, this means that using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or another Word Processor while still being able to generate your text isn't able to be easily carried out.
  • A lot of these tools have built-in grammar checking components (like Jasper AI's Grammarly Premium support) which will help you save time in the editing process.

Final Thoughts

In the end, AI writing software can be a great asset for authors that are trying to write their next novel, especially if self-publishing. There are a lot of benefits to utilizing an AI tool and it is a great way to fight writer's block, but they do have a few cons that might make them less ideal for some novelists.

In the end, AI writing software can be a great asset for authors that are trying to write their next novel, especially if self-publishing. There are a lot of benefits to utilizing an AI tool and it is a great way to fight writer's block, but they do have a few cons that might make them less ideal for some novelists.

Our recommendation is to sign up for Jasper AI's free 10K word trial and see if the technology suits your needs before buying. Jasper comes with Grammarly Premium, has many useful features for writers, and the price is competitive compared to several of the other top AI writing software options.