Author: James Herbert

AT&T Will Launch ‘DirecTV Now’ Streaming Service On November 30th

When SlingTV debuted at CES a few years ago, I sat in the opening keynote and realized the huge potential of a service like this if well-executed. Gone are the worst parts of a cable subscription like expensive hardware, installation fees, notoriously bad customer support and complicated long-term commitments. Since its launch, SlingTV has done well though it still hasn't revolutionized the traditional cable industry like many thought it might. While we are headed towards this, the transition has been slower than expected with traditional cable and satellite providers doing everything they can to keep their customers from cutting the...

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OWC Unveils $299 Thunderbolt 3 Dock, Apple Cuts USB-C Adapter Prices Amid Backlash

When Apple unveiled their new line of MacBook Pros, many professionals were outraged with the lack of any traditional ports in exchange for four USB Type C, Thunderbolt 3 ports. Since there are several third-party adapters on the market offering a plethora of port extensions, I didn't see it as a major issue although some saw the steep pricing of Apple's USB-C adapters and become upset with their high cost. After enough backlash online, Apple has discounted the pricing of all USB-C adapters and will refund the difference in the price cut for anyone who already purchased these adapters for...

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