Author: Daniel Hewitt

‘HQ Trivia’ Finally Makes Way To Android On January 1st

When the original creators of Vine set out to build an addicting trivia game on mobile, HQ Trivia was born. The concept is very similar to back in the old Xbox Live days when Microsoft hosted 1 vs. 100. Players can tune in to a scheduled time of which a host will go live on the app to start the game show. The concept is simple, the host will ask 12 multiple-choice questions, and if you are one of the players to get them all right, you'll split the prize money with any others who maintain a perfect record....

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Amazon Has Reverted Back To Selling Apple TV & Chromecast Devices

A few years ago, Amazon pulled competing media devices like Google's Chromecast and the Apple TV primarily because they did not natively support streaming on Amazon's ‘Prime Video' streaming platform. This upset Google and Apple, but Amazon stayed its course with the decision until this week when the e-commerce giant has reportedly confirmed the return of selling these two devices. This decision is a large one and surprisingly late as they could have seized some more sales for the holiday shopping season. The timing coincides with Google's action last week which blocked access to YouTube on Amazon's Echo Show...

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Bungie Is Offering A Free ‘Destiny 2’ Trial Starting Today

The Destiny 2 launch went fairly well for Bungie, yet the company still wants to sell more copies of the futuristic shooter. If you missed the beta which offered limited access to the title at no cost, you'll be able to get another shot with the free trial that launched earlier today. New to Destiny 2? Play the Destiny 2 Free Trial starting tomorrow. — Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) November 27, 2017 With support for PS4, Xbox One and PC, the trial gives newcomers the ability to explore Eath's European Dead Zone and Titan (some campaign missions are...

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Amazon’s Game-Friendly ‘Echo Buttons’ Available For Pre-Order

When Amazon introduced their new Alexa devices just a few months back, they announced their Echo Buttons which were due to launch shortly. Today, the company started offering pre-orders for $20 which includes a pack of two buttons. Units aren't expected to ship until December 19th, but getting in this early means that you should have the buttons arrive in time for Christmas. These buttons run off AAA batteries (included) and can be used to play games like Beat the Intro (music guessing) or Fourth Down Trivia (sports trivia). Support is included for all existing Echo devices to date. Once...

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Sony Will Discount ‘Playstation 4’ Consoles To $200 For Black Friday

You'll see many sales throughout the holiday shopping season, but there is no better time to score savings than the days of Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 24-27th). During this period, major retailers and brands will discount their favorite products in an attempt to win over more customers for the holidays. With the console war between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony still raging on, it is safe to assume you'll see gaming devices being discounted significantly during this period. Earlier today, news broke that Sony will be selling their 1TB PS4 model (non-Pro) for just $200 which equates to...

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Kwikset’s New ‘Kevo Convert’ Smart Lock Available For Pre-Order At $149

Kwikset's line of smart locks is some of the coolest smart-home products on the market these past few years though plagued by a high price-point. For those interested in receiving a similar smart lock experience without the hefty price, Kwikset has opened up for pre-orders on their entry-level model, the Kevo Convert. Unlike the original Kevo and Kevo 2 models, this utilizes the exterior portion of your original deadbolt and only replaces the back/interior mechanism. This means your original key will work in the deadbolt, but you'll be able to also use the Kevo app on a compatible smartphone...

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