Guide: Five Of The Top VPS Web Hosting Providers

If your serious about your website or it is growing too large for a traditional shared hosting plan, the next step is to make the transition to a Virtual Private Server or more commonly known as a VPS web hosting plan. Finding a quality VPS hosting provider is tougher than it looks, but I went

8 Of The Best WordPress Themes For A Real Estate Website

Need a good template or design to fit your new or existing realty website? Whether you are a realtor or not you need to check out this collection of WordPress themes that all have been designed specifically for use in the field of real estate. Studio Press: RealPro Theme The RealPro theme is an excellent

Seven Of The Best Places To Find Premium WordPress Themes

Finding a quality WordPress theme is not always the easiest task, but after searching through these seven WordPress theme providers you should be able to find one perfect for your needs! If you haven't already purchased a hosting plan be sure to read our article regarding the best web hosting providers for a wordpress website. Option

4 Useful Alternatives To Google Analytics

Using an analytics software to track your website's progress, statistics, and overall effectiveness is extremely important for a serious website owner. One of the most popular analytics tracking software is Google Analytics because it is free and has become an industry standard, but there are many other options for those of you who want to

Six Great Web Hosting Providers For WordPress Bloggers

Looking for a reliable and easy to use web hosting service that is appropriate for a WordPress website or blog? You're at the right place! Here I have compiled a short list of the best WordPress web hosting providers around. It includes six sites that have a great reputation with their customers and that I

How To Choose a Domain Name & Domain Provider

Picking a domain name is typically the first and one of the most important steps in the process of building a website. Your domain name is your address or location in which all your future content can be found. It is crucial you pick the right domain the first time around as it can be