7 Of The Best Smart Home Indoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras (2017)

With the advancements in technology over the last decade, home video security and surveillance systems went from something that only the rich could have in their home to a luxury that is accessible to nearly all consumers. With almost every household converted to wireless internet, smart home companies are producing affordable Wi-Fi security cameras that

7 Of The Best Helmets For The Boosted Board & Electric Skateboards

7 Of The Best Helmets For The Boosted Board & Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards like the Boosted Board, Inboard M1 and other brands are quickly taking the consumer market by storm. While they can be a legitimate form of short-range transportation and a blast to ride, they can also put the rider in very dangerous circumstances due to their speed and versatility. While many riders are experienced enough

10 Advantages Of DISH Over The Cable/Satellite Competition

In a world that has become heavily based on multimedia, there is fierce competition between content providers to attract paying customers. The benefit of competition for consumers is that it ultimately forces services to offer better features at more attractive prices. The cable and satellite world is an excellent example of this competitive market, and

Entertainment & Smart Home Gift Guide – Holiday 2016 Edition

Buying a gift for someone who loves all things smart-home technology especially for those who aren't familiar with the industry. In the following article, I'll share some of the “hottest” pieces of gear in the entertainment and smart home market this 2016 holiday season and provide general suggestions for those who need to buy a