3 Ways To Stream Live TV And Access On-Demand TV Shows Via Xbox Live

While Xbox Live was traditionally designed for use with video games, it also has the power to do much more including the ability to stream live TV and provide access to on-demand TV shows via 3rd party applications. There are three major service providers whom have released a native Xbox Live application for their customers

8 Great Video Game Titles That Promote Stealth GamePlay

Splintercell: Blacklist Blacklist is one of the newest stealth titles to hit the video game scene, but also one of the best. Featuring an extensive single-player, wide range of co-op missions, and an extremely fun online component, Blacklist is a refreshingly refined 3rd person shooter that captures the essence of being a stealthy spy. Thief

6 Reasons Why ‘Killing Floor' Is One Of My Favorite Zombie Shooters

Reason #1 Priced Affordably Unlike most zombie shooters, Killing Floor is priced low and affordable for nearly any gamer's budget. The everyday price is regularly $19.99, which is more than suitable for a game like this which is capable of providing hundreds hours worth of online gameplay and enjoyment. If you happen to catch it

5 Devices Used To Capture PS3 Or Xbox 360 Gameplay In High Definition

Elgato Game Capture HD This device is currently the best on the market, providing simple high-definition gameplay capture capabilities at a reasonable price tag. Advanced features include H.264 encoding to keep your HD capture files small and easy to upload without sacrificing quality. The software is excellent and supports both Mac and PC users. You can capture

Q&A: What Are The Best RTS Games? (Real-Time Strategy)

As gamers ourselves, we did the research on over 30 different real-time strategy titles and our team ultimately determined the best RTS game is Blizzard's Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void. This title was the top choice based on its depth of content (a base title and three expansions), excellent single player campaign and stellar

3 Of The Best Places To Buy Used Video Games Online For Cheap

Ever wanted to buy a new video game, but found the price of new games to be too high for your budget? A lot of us have been there at one time or another. Thankfully, the used video game market is still going strong and there are several places you can buy used video games