The Difference Between Speed & Classes In SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards

When purchasing a SD or Micro SD card it is important that you buy one with a suitable ‘Class' rating for your intended use. Common classes range from Class 2 all the way up to Class 10. I personally use a Sandisk Class 10 SD card for my Canon DSLR, but there are many different

The Best Place To Rent DSLR Lenses, Camera Bodies, And Accessories

Are you looking to rent a DSLR lens, camera body, or other photography or video accessory? You're in luck! A great website by the name of BorrowLenses is here to serve your every need. Whether your looking to rent a particular lens to use at an upcoming paid gig, just want to test out a particular

3 Places To Buy A Chromakey Green Screen For Photography Or Video Use

Are you interested in buying a chromakey green screen for photography or video use? Some places will try and charge an arm and leg in order to get your hands on a compatible screen, but it doesn't have to be that way! Check out three of the most affordable places online to purchase a quality

How To Watch Or Play Virtually Any Media File Format Possible

Finding a program that will actually usual or non-standard video file formats (such as .FLV or .MKV) is no easy task for the average person. Whether your on a PC or Mac the traditional video players that come native to your computer will not play these files. Some people will tell you that files like

Vegas Pro 12: How to Optimally Render HD Video for YouTube

So you want to render an HD video for YouTube using Sony Vegas Pro 12 ehh? It's simpler than you think! Step 1: Choose the right HD template according to your footage characteristics. This means if your have a native 720P video you will HD 720-XXP (where xx is the FPS your footage was taken