Best DSLR Mirrorless Camera Bodies Under $1000 August 2016-1

Best DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras Priced Under $1000 – August 2016

The last time I compiled a round-up of the best DSLR cameras priced under $1000, the article received a heavy amount of traffic and helped thousands of readers choose the right entry-level camera for their specific needs. It is about time we update this list with the newest models falling under this price range, but

Best Third-Party Battery For Sony's a7II, a7SII, a7RII & a6300 Mirrorless Cameras

Sony's line of mirrorless cameras is quickly gaining market share, making it an attractive option among the consumer and prosumer crowd. Unfortunately, one of the biggest flaws with these mirrorless bodies is their poor battery life especially if you are planning on shooting primarily video. Due to this poor efficiency, it is important to have several

How To Use 3rd Party LUTs In Final Cut Pro X (FCP X)

Having just made the transition from Adobe's Premiere Pro CC to Apple's Final Cut Pro X NLE, I have had to get used to a lot of changes. While there is some built-in LUT (Look Up Table) support within FCP X, there isn't the native ability to add your own LUTS like in Premiere Pro

7 Of Most Expensive DSLR/Mirrorless Photography Cameras – October 2015

Back in January of 2014, I wrote up an article that showcased the most expensive DSLR cameras currently on the market. Since the article went live, it attracted a tremendous amount of traffic, and 1.4K readers even took the time to vote which of the six models they wanted most. The result of this poll

Q&A: Can You Use The Dropcam/Nestcam Outdoors?

Reader Question: I'm looking to pick up an affordable wireless security system for my home, but I mainly want these cameras to be outside instead of in. Will a Nestcam work in this situation? Are they weatherproof? UPDATE (7/14/2016): Nest released an outdoor version of their popular camera dubbed the Nestcam Outdoor which is available

Cheaper Alternatives For Sony FS7 XQD Memory Cards & Batteries

Sony's FS7 is currently one of the best video cameras on the market for anyone with a budget of $10K. However, this budget can be quickly surpassed when you consider the additional cost in Sony-branded memory cards and batteries. Having recently picked up an FS7 of my own, I recently ran into this dilemma and