3 Of The Best Places To Buy Used Video Games Online For Cheap

Ever wanted to buy a new video game, but found the price of new games to be too high for your budget? A lot of us have been there at one time or another. Thankfully, the used video game market is still going strong and there are several places you can buy used video games

The Most Affordable Sites To Buy Computer RAM Online

Are you looking to purchase a new set of RAM for your computer? Did you know you can save a great deal of money on these RAM sticks by choosing to purchase online? Check out this list of four great websites to buy replacement or additional RAM for your machine at some of the lowest

3 Places To Buy A Chromakey Green Screen For Photography Or Video Use

Are you interested in buying a chromakey green screen for photography or video use? Some places will try and charge an arm and leg in order to get your hands on a compatible screen, but it doesn't have to be that way! Check out three of the most affordable places online to purchase a quality

Where To Buy Miscellaneous Cables & Adapters For Cheap

Finding miscellaneous items such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, or A/V cables can be a real pain. If you go to a brick and mortar store like Best Buy or Radioshack they will charge you way more than you should be paying for them. Over the past years, I've been able to save on all the

How To Format An External Hard Drive For Both Mac & PC Use

There often comes an annoying dilemma when buying or using an external hard drive that is the lack of compatibility between the Windows and Mac operating system. For example in my recent review of the Western Digital My Passport, I stated how the device was available in a $150 Windows version and a $160 Mac

10 Alternative Games Similar To The Grand Theft Auto Series

Are you craving the Grand Theft Auto experience, but don't want to wait until September 2013 in order to play the new one? You're in luck! Though they have their differences, the ten games listed below have a lot of similarities to GTA including the open world experience that so many of us love. You

6 Ways To Conserve & Improve Your iPhone's Battery Life

Tired of your iPhone's battery dying so quickly? There are some precautions you can take in order to boost your battery life and conserve power to make it through those days where you aren't able to access a charger for long periods of time. Follow the suggestions below and you'll likely seeĀ noticeableĀ benefits in your iPhone's

Free Program To Edit Windows Hosts File Quickly & Easily

Are you looking for a quick and hassle free way to edit your Windows Hosts file? You're in luck! I have found a great freeware program that will allow you do accomplish this in no time. The software is called HostsXpert and it can be downloaded right here. The interface is super simple, just be

Mashup: 20 Cool Home Office Setups

Do you work from home or just want ideas for a cool home office setup? We have scoured the web searching for examples and ideas of the best home office setups and compiled them in this very article below. Enjoy! (note: these are in no particular order) 1. Four Monitor Workstation Goodness 2. Enter the