4 Legal Ways You Can Watch The TV Show ‘Dexter' Online

The final season of Dexter just ended last September and for those of you who missed watching the series, you're in luck. There are several websites online that provide downloadable or streaming episodes of Dexter for an affordable cost and remain fully legal. Some of these services offer a flat free for unlimited episodes whereas

Where To Buy A Pair Of Genuine Apple EarPods Online

When Apple released their new iPhone 5 smartphone, they also included a set of their redesigned EarPods which are the white headphones that have become iconic with iPhone users except they feature a new shape that is more comfortable for the user as well as provides an increase in sound quality. If you have an

How To Get A Free Nissan GTR (Elergy RH8) In GTA V Online

GTA Online has finally got the majority of the bugs worked out and players from around the globe are able to race around the open-world environment in cars, bikes, boats, or planes as they see fit. Now, I see many complaints on the online forums and message boards from players who can't seem to find

Watch Breaking Bad Online

How To Legally Watch Breaking Bad Online (TV Show)

After carrying out a lot of research and testing, our team determined the best legal way to watch Breaking Bad online is Netflix which offers every episode and season of the series from the beginning.  If you are outside of the United States and Netflix is restricted in your country or Breaking Bad is not available in

4 Legal Ways You Can Watch The TV Show ‘Prison Break' Online

Prison Break is one of the most thrilling and addicting TV series of all time which has gained a massive base of loyal fans who fell in love with the series. Since it is the type of show that you really can't ever find reruns of, you might think you're out of luck if you

Where To Buy Replacement Macbook Chargers For Cheap

Is your MacBook charger lost, broke, or you'd just like an extra? Buying a replacement MacBook charger can be a real hassle since Apple charges just under $80 for a new one. I ran into this dilemma when I had my old 15″ MacBook Pro and the charger completely stopped working by itself around 2

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use GoDaddy For Your Website Needs

GoDaddy is one of the most popular names in terms of domain names and website hosting, but the truth of the matter is there are FAR better competitors out there. Choosing GoDaddy is a mistake that many new website owners make so listen up to the following three reasons why you should NOT do business

Online Advertising: CPM vs. CPC vs. CPA – What Do They Mean?

Online advertising has come a long way over the years, in turn it has also become a great deal more complicated. There are multiple different ways that the digital advertising industry operates in and whether you're looking into becoming a publisher or an advertiser, it is important to understand the different formats. In this article,

Best Free SSD & Hard Drive Benchmark & Speed Test Software For Mac

Are you looking to benchmark your Mac's internal hard disk? How about running a speed test on your new external hard drive or flash drive? Don't worry, there is a piece of free Mac software out there that is able to do just that without requiring you to spend a penny. The software is called