Vegas Pro 12: How to Optimally Render HD Video for YouTube

So you want to render an HD video for YouTube using Sony Vegas Pro 12 ehh? It's simpler than you think!

Step 1: Choose the right HD template according to your footage characteristics.

prerendering screen sony vegas

This means if your have a native 720P video you will HD 720-XXP (where xx is the FPS your footage was taken in. The same goes for 1080P video choose the one that is the closest match to desired footage to edit.

Step 2: Import & edit your footage.

Step 2: Click File – Render As

Step 4: Choose “Internet HD 1080p/720p”

rendering screen sony vegas

  • You will want to look under “MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4, .avc)
  • Then choose Internet HD 1080p or 720p depending on your project's characteristics.

Step 5: Click Render and be patient until completion.

By following this process you will get a compressed, but high definition video file perfect for uploading to YouTube quickly and easily. YouTube will automatically recognize the HD format after you finish your upload.

Image Source: Flickr – korosirego