Stop Using Internet Explorer – 3 Fast & Efficient Browser Alternatives

Let's face reality, Internet Explorer is not a browser you should be using. There are many different reasons why you should switch browsers, but from my experience IE is ugly, not user friendly, slow, and doesn't have nearly as great add-ons compared to its competitors. I have not used Internet Explorer in over 7 years and I have no intention of ever going back. Some of you may only be using Internet Explorer because you don't know of anything else. This is where I'm here to help and you can learn about 3 alternative browser choices below.

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Option #1: Mozilla FireFox


Firefox is one of the most common browser choices and one of the most user friendly. The performance is fast, it is fully customizable, and you can sync your bookmarks and logins from multiple computers.

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Option #2: Google Chrome


Google Chrome is my favorite browser and the only one I use on a regular basis. It is extremely fast, has a great library of extensions, is customizable, and the easiest to use in my opinion. If your deciding on a new browser to replace Internet Explorer, I suggest you try Chrome first and you'll be amazed at what you've been missing.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 5.28.47 PMOption #3: Opera


 This is one of the less popular choices, but still a great option. Opera is fast and even has a mode “Opera Turbo” that makes browsing on slow connections bearable. It is safe and secure against security threats and a viable option for replacing Internet Explorer.

Photo Credit: Paul Hempsall