The Best Rugged Cases To Protect Your Apple iPad From Harm’s Way

Protecting your iPad from harm's way is no easy task especially if you regularly take it on the go or put it at the fate of your children's hands. In order to combat accidental damage as well as the inevitable wear and tear your device will take over time, it is a smart idea to invest in a protective case for your iPad. There are several rugged competing models on the market currently, but I have rounded up the best three choices below:

Screen-Shot-2013-06-15-at-9.26.58-AMLifeProof nüüd Case

LifeProof is like the Cadillac of protective cases and their iPad case is no exception. It uses a state of the art technology and design to give superior protection from water, dirt, snow, dust, and shock. LifeProof designed it to meet or exceed IP-68 and Military Standards which gives you the versatility to bring your iPad almost anywhere. It fits all iPad 2, 3, and 4 models with a snug fit. The LifeProof case may look restrictive, but you still have access to every iPad feature including the volume controls, screen lock, sleep button, home button, and the charger port.

Screen-Shot-2013-06-15-at-9.36.51-AMOtterBox Defender Case

OtterBox is another huge name in the protective case market and actually purchased LifeProof just a few weeks back. Their series of Defender cases have become increasingly popular with iOS device owners as they offer excellent protection for a reasonable price tag. Unlike the LifeProof above, this case does not provide protection against water, but will keep your iPad safe against bump, shock, drop and dust intrusion. It also features built-in screen protection to keep scratches and smudges from effecting your iPad's touchscreen. This Otterbox case supports the Apple iPad 2, 3, and 4 models.

Screen-Shot-2013-06-15-at-10.20.44-AMGriffin Survivor Case

The Griffin Survivor case for the iPad is the most affordable of the three cases, but still provides exceptional protection against harm's way. Similar to the LifeProof, the case was independently tested and certified to meet the US  & UK Department of Defense Military Standards. The display shield is capable of deflecting wind and rain, a rigid internal frame protects against shock and accidental drops, the ports are sealed to block sand and dust intrusion, and there is silicone padding to block vibration. The Griffin Survivor does not provide protection against water submersion, so you'll still need to be careful around large bodies of water. The Griffen Survivor case supports the iPad 2, 3, and 4 models.

Photo Credit: John Karakatsanis